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'What Waits Below' (1984) – Don Sharp.

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  • 'What Waits Below' (1984) – Don Sharp.

    This claustrophobically creepy subterranean 80s creature feature is still well worth digging out! While many lesser horror films are all surface charm, experienced genre director Don Sharp's pant-soilingly strange, subsoil Sci-Horror adventure is unafraid to explore the murkier, previously uncharted depths of some reality warping neolithic nightmare!!! Forget all the potholes and take a tectonic terror trip deep within the blackened bowels of some primordial, long-forgotten, time-frozen hell!

    Not often praised, unfairly disparaged, the splendid substrata shocker 'What Waits Below' provides some refined B-entertainment, dramatically bolstered with a terrific cast of gifted actors: Robert Powell, Timothy Bottoms, Lisa Blount, Richard Johnson, and Anne Hayward. Hey! These angsty albino cave dwellers party like it was 1980 BC!!! In my overzealous, B-Movie boggled estimation, the deliciously dumb, frequently fanciful fright-flick 'What Waits Below' is so much more than just a macabre, mulch-headed monster movie, it's a dazzlingly bejewelled prehistoric fashion bonanza!!!

    'Don Sharp's surprisingly provocative, claustrophobically creepy, subsoil Sci-Horror adventure 'Secrets of The Phantom Caverns' remains a squirm favourite!' - Weirdlingwolf.

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Name:	1 this bodaciously 80s, claustrophobically creepy subterreanean ceature feature  is well worth digging out! Forget all the potholes and take a tectonic terror trip into the blackened bowels of hell!.jpg
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