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'Mountaintop Motel Massacre' (1986) - Jim McCullough Sr.

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  • 'Mountaintop Motel Massacre' (1986) - Jim McCullough Sr.

    For me, Jim McCullough Sr's menacingly bleak 'Mountaintop Motel Massacre' remains one of the more deadly venomous 80s backwoods slashers. Luridly overladen with doomy overtones, its audaciously macabre,compellingly strange narrative, eerily exposes the manifestly malign ministrations of frightfully inhospitable Motel matriarch Evelyn (Anna Chappell). The delightfully bonkers 'Mountaintop Motel Massacre' vividly retains much of its uncommonly eerie atmosphere of crawling dread. A curiously underappreciated, frequently unsettling, skin-prickingly sinister, scythe slashingly sanguineous 80s horror classic! - 'Each of Evelyn's modestly furnished rooms comes complete with its very own hot and cold running Bloodbath!!!'

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    It's a gem. Took me forever to finally watch it and I was really surprised at how good it is.
    Why would anybody watch a scum show like Videodrome? Why did you watch it, Max?