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'Texas Chainsaw Massacre : The Shocking Truth' (2000) Dir. David Gregory.

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  • 'Texas Chainsaw Massacre : The Shocking Truth' (2000) Dir. David Gregory.

    Truth is rarely stranger than the shocking reality of a determined crew of poorly paid, persistently sun-baked independent filmmakers shooting low budget game changer 'The Texas Chainsaw Massacre! Dare you take a peek behind Leatherface's iconic mask???? It took A LOT of guts for genre genius Tobe Hooper to create his acclaimed horror masterpiece 'The Texas Chainsaw Massacre' (1973)...not to mention the blanched human skulls, stuffed armadillos, eerily reassembled cow skeletons, festering animal intestines, severed chicken heads, multitudinous mildewed bones, dessicated cartilage, mouldering dog carcases, ruptured roadkill, Head cheese, plus a million seething maggots, and, er, the Mafia! Aye!!!! They just DON'T make 'em like that any more!!!!

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