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'SSSSSSS' (1973) Bernard Kowalski.

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  • 'SSSSSSS' (1973) Bernard Kowalski.

    Bernard Kowalski's scientifically sinister, scintillatingly serpentine, stridently schlocky 70sssssssss Drive-In body-shocker is splendidly engorged with a boffo cast of appealing actors, namely dreamy galactic hunk Dirk Benedict, heavenly body Heather Menzies, and featuring yet another eccentrically charismatic, memorably magnetic performance by the greatly beloved character actor Strother Martin! Once this wickedly venomous creature feature slips its monstrously mutated teeth into you, none can ever escape its mesmerizing, physiologically perverse B-Movie thrall, and, happily, you'll be a fang for life!!! A far from toxic midnight movie experience, this bone-rattlingly wrong-headed reptilian fright-flick positively guarantees that a slitherously good slime shall be had by all who are exposed to Kowalski's genetically gruesome grindhouse classic! So, for goodness snake make sure you don't hiss out on this toothsome terror trip!

    'The off-the-scale creepy cryptid in Bernard Kowalski's freakishly cold-blooded, sinuously snake-hipped, skin-sheddingly sinister, species splicing 1970s body shocker 'SSSSSSS' will kick your Asp, baby!!!!' - Weirdlingwolf.

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