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'Eye of the Beast' (2007) – Gary Yates.

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  • 'Eye of the Beast' (2007) – Gary Yates.

    Amiable Marine biologist James Van Der Beek fatefully goes toe to beak with an outsized, boat-buckling, savagely sailor squashing squid in the enjoyably Roger Cormanized Canadian creature feature 'Eye of the Beast' (2007). Happily, this titanically tentacled deep sea shocker proved to be anything but a waste of brine! The ruggedly handsome Van Der Beek and his less appealing sultry squeeze Alexandro Castillo make for a pair of greatly sympathetic squid stalkers, bravely taking on this mythical, man-eating, lake-dwelling leviathan with bravura, behemoth-blasting brio! With a serviceable script, and solid cast, Yates proves himself a capable helmsman, sinuously circumnavigating these stormy B-Movie waters with a steady hand. While I've long been sucker for these monstrous manifestations of small scale subaquatic shenanigans, 'Eye of the Beast' might also be appealing to those who simply want to kick back to some beastly good escapist entertainment, and the director's deft use of practical effects lends this frothy fear flick a pleasingly organic quality that so many of the frequently CGI-clotted monster movies pointedly lack.

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