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The Hole (2001)

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  • The Hole (2001)

    The other night I watched The Hole (2009) in 3D again and I was reminded of this movie going by the same title. When I originally saw it back in 2001, I loved the movie but the only actor I recognized was Embeth Davidtz from Matilda (another movie that I absolutely love).

    The only thing I remembered about the movie was that it involved a group of teenagers locked inside what appeared to be a bomb shelter and that I really did like it. Imagine my surprise when a young Thora Birch, Desmond Harrington and Keira Knightley graced the screen! I guess it was relatively early in their careers and probably the first movie I had seen them in.

    If you haven't seen it before I definitely recommend checking it out.
    Anthony A
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