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  • Ti West's X

    Looks like this is getting a Blu-ray release in May,

    Click image for larger version

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    Foghat! Yay!
    "The popcorn you're eating has been pissed in. Film at 11".


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      The poster writes itself! The poster for Ti's film and one from a guy I know back in 2011.

      I'm actually looking forward to seeing this one. I hear good things.

      "Never let the fact that they are doing it wrong stop you from doing it right." Hyman Mandell.


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        Ti West's movie really should have been called “E” for elevated. It sets itself up as a smart take on the slasher films of the 70s and early 80s. As a bonus, the film within a film has the filmmakers making an 'elevated' porn flick (as a bonus, actor Owen Campbell who plays the “Director” even looks a bit like Director Tobe Hooper).

        Quite consciously taking it's set up from Tobe Hooper's 1974 TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE, X has a group of randy pornographers renting a farmhouse from an elderly couple in the middle of nowhere in Texas (actually New Zealand). Writer-Director West's main idea here is to set up a contrast between the XXX filmmakers and the bible thumping civilians of the area. It's not an uninteresting idea, which, of course, plays off the the puritanical cliche in the slasher films of yore where the most sexually active characters are the most likely to get killed off. In addition to MASSACRE, West includes nods to FRIDAY THE 13TH, Hooper's EATEN ALIVE and a very specific one to HALLOWEEN. X is set about 5 years after MASSACRE so that it can include a brief exchange about how home video will change the porno industry (adult films were already available on VHS for about 3 years).

        The movie is very well directed, with savvy use of cross-cutting between the porn film in the making and the terrors that await the group. Mia Goth (in a dual role; actually a triple if you stay after the credits) and Brittany Snow are the two pornstars to be and each dive in with relish. Kid Cudi is the cocky stud, while Martin Henderson is solid as the confidant Producer. Jenna Ortega is the “crew” all by her lonesome (she manages to keep her clothes on - must have a better agent). Stephen Ure is the ornery old man who rents out his guest house.

        As good as the filmmaking is, X ends up feeling too studied. The pacing is lugubrious even if it picks up towards the very end. Once the massacre begins (if not by power tools) it still ends up being fairly typical of the films it's commenting on, regardless of how well executed and 'elevated' it thinks it is. It's also too drawn out to satisfy some gore-hounds and once the blood starts flowing, probably too gross for the internet scribes dreaming of doing extended online essays dissecting it for it's elevated intellect. There are a couple of twists, but they aren't sufficient enough to compensate for the predictability.

        In the end, it's not as clever as West thinks it is, and despite some good Directing chops and acting, it's simply too self-conscious to be much of a fun thrill ride.


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          Press release for the upcoming domestic Blu-ray release.

          Click image for larger version

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          Street Date: 5/24/22
          Blu-ray™ Combo Pack (+ DVD + Digital): $39.99
          DVD SRP: $29.96

          Representing filmmaker Ti West’s long-awaited return to Horror, A24’s X arrives May 24 on
          Blu-ray Combo Pack (plus DVD and Digital) and DVD, from Lionsgate. From critically acclaimed director Ti West (The Innkeepers, The Sacrament), the horror film stars Mia Goth (A Cure for Wellness, Suspiria, Emma.), Brittany Snow (Prom Night, Pitch Perfect, Pitch Perfect 2), Jenna Ortega (“You,” 2022’s Scream, The Babysitter: Killer Queen) as well as Grammy Award® nominee Scott Mescudi (better known as Kid Cudi, Don’t Look Up). X will be available on Blu-ray Combo Pack and DVD will be available for the suggested retail price of $39.99 and $29.96, respectively.

          A group of actors set out to make an adult film in rural Texas under the noses of their reclusive hosts — an elderly couple with a farm and boarding house for rent. But when the couple catches their young guests in the act, the cast finds themselves in a desperate fight for their lives in this tantalizing slasher from writer-director Ti West.

          • “That X Factor” Featurette
          • “The Farmer’s Daughters” Extended Scene

          Mia Goth A Cure for Wellness, Suspiria, Emma.
          Jenna Ortega “You,” 2022’s Scream, The Babysitter: Killer Queen
          Martin Henderson “Virgin River,” “Grey’s Anatomy,” The Ring
          Brittany Snow Prom Night, Pitch Perfect, Pitch Perfect 2
          Owen Campbell “The Americans,” “Boardwalk Empire,” Super Dark Times
          Stephen Ure The Lord of the Rings franchise, The Hobbit franchise, “Vegas”
          and Scott Mescudi Don’t Look Up, Grammy Award® nominee, known as Kid Cudi

          Year of Production: 2021
          Title Copyright: © 2022 Over The Hill Pictures LLC. All Rights Reserved. Artwork & Supplementary Materials © 2022 Lions Gate Entertainment Inc. All Rights Reserved.
          Type: New Release
          Rating: Rated R for strong bloody violence and gore, strong sexual content, graphic nudity, drug use, and language
          Genre: Horror
          Closed-Captioned: N/A
          Subtitles: Spanish, English SDH
          Feature Run Time: 106 minutes
          Blu-ray Format: 1080p High Definition 16x9 (1.90:1) Presentation
          Blu-ray Audio: English 5.1 DTS-HD Master Audio™
          DVD Format: 16x9 (1.90:1) Presentation
          DVD Audio: English 5.1 Dolby Audio
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            Porn + slasher means this was made for me. I've liked most of West's other films so I'll check it out.


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              This was actually the first movie I had seen in a movie theatre this year, since, well, nothing much has interested me.

              I have heard of Ti West, but I am not sure if I've ever seen anything from him. let me see.... OK, I picked up InnKeepers at a Dollar tree store a while back, still not seen it. Years ago when House of the Devil first came out I saw that, and found it mediocre. I managed to watch it without shutting it off or fast-forwarding, so, it was good enough for me to watch all the way through.

              So, now that I have refreshed my memory, it does not surprise me that the same guy who directed House of the Devil directed, "X". It shares a similar, slow pacing. I recall House of the Devil just feeling a bit bogged down. Thinking of it now, though it's been 10 years or so since I saw House of the Devil, I'd rather watch X again than House of the Devil. So, to me that does show this guy is improving.

              About X.... The first few minutes, I was unsure how pacing would be, but, as it went on over the following 10 minutes or so, I could see this was going to be a bit, "Blah". It's got some tits here and there, and some interesting gore stuff, however the motive behind all that is going on, I feel could have been handled a bit better. Such as, not making the older people so decrepit. the plot could have gone down a similar path if it had done a few things a bit differently. This movie, though not overly long, at 98 minutes, it still felt to me this thing could have been 90, or even 80 minutes.

              I don't want to give away much about the reasoning for what happens, however I will say it is something not touched upon in TOO many horror films. Though, the older folks needed a bit more work on their characters, they just felt a bit too cartoony at times. If the film picked up it's pace, had the older folks be a bit more on the ball, I'd probably have thought more of the film. Especially sometimes when that old woman is acting all slow and not there, then she can quickly do some shit. Not a horrible film, but it lines up with about how I felt of, "House of the Devil". I probably won't revisit it.

              I summed it up best, when I exclaimed to other fellow theatre viewers, as the end credits rolled. "This shouldn't have been called X, it should have been called Old People Sex!"


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                That was not what I was expecting! I was up for a light fun slasher with as much comedy as killings. Instead I got something that feels thematically heavy and has some killers who are properly disturbing.

                I thought it was pretty well done. Not really my thing, and definitely not what I was after tonight, but well done as an elevated slasher.
                "Never let the fact that they are doing it wrong stop you from doing it right." Hyman Mandell.


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                  I feel it was all right. A bit overhyped. It is as if the people praising it were all born yesterday and have never seen a slasher before haha
                  "No presh from the Dresh!"


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                    Cover art for the 2 German mediabook UHD releases coming from Capelight.

                    Click image for larger version

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                      Thought this was pretty good. Possibly overhyped, but not undeserving of some of the hype if that makes sense. I liked the nostalgic tapestry of 70s and early 80s horror effect. I'm also a sucker for southern gothic cliches and 70s soundtracks, so yeah... In an era of so many crappy horror movies, this one wasn't.


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                        I thought this was pretty good. It's not at all what I was expecting and it's more emotional and thoughtful than you might think. It has some surprising and stylish kills as well. I haven't watched the trailer, but it might spoil some aspects of the story.
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