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    Scum of the Earth US rights are owned by Grindhouse so that won't be released by Arrow their AHP series.


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      Finally watched THE PREMONITION, and despite an interesting trailer, it didn't really do it for me. That said, it is a crime that Volume 2 is taking so long.
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        'The Premonition (1976) - Allen Schnitzler.

        The sedate, middle class couple who adopted delightful poppet Janie (Danielle Briseboise) shockingly have their suburban quietude thrown into roiling existential turmoil after, Janie’s increasingly anxious mother, Sheri (Sharon Farrell) strongly suspects her child is in mortal danger. Distressed by the discovery of pretty, yet emotionally disturbed Andrea (Ellen Barber)in Janie's bedroom, she later believes, Andrea is using witchcraft to wish them additional spiritual harm! Sheri’s disturbing ‘visions’ suggest a tangible telekinetic ability, but her pragmatic scientist husband, Edward (Miles Bennet) is reluctant to accept that the danger encroaching upon them has a preternatural origin! Clearly disturbed, there's no doubting the entirely corporeal threat of, Jude (Richard Lynch) a charismatic carny whose benign clowning exterior belies a volatile nature capable of manifesting fearsome acts of bestial violence!

        Maverick filmmaker, Robert Allen Schnitzler’s off-beat, genuinely unsettling Para-psychological horror oddity is steeped in preternatural weirdness and rewardingly eschews graphic gore for intense emotional discords which cut deeper than, Michael Myers crimson-slathered knife! While teasingly oblique, Schnitzer’s haunting, compellingly strange psychodrama ‘The Premonition’ is a beautifully structured, handsomely photographed, strikingly original independent feature. The exceptionally fine cast is complemented with Henry Mollicone & Pril Smiley's especially beguiling score. Schnitzler’s iconoclastic, extra sensory perception warping cult classic is both a fascinating 70s cinematic time capsule and wholly timeless nightmare. The eerie, darkly evocative themes of macabre metaphysical realms are certainly no less captivating when viewed today! I predict a great number of new fans shall willingly succumb to the hypnotic allure of this hallucinatory mystery.

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          R.I.P. this series.


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            arrow totally screwed this up. first they took ages to release vol. 2 now it's dead. didn't they have claw of terror/scream bloody murder and scum of the earth ready for release years ago?


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              Yeah, not to rag on Arrow unduly, but it's a shame they couldn't get it together to capitalise on the potential of this project a bit more effectively.

              Personally I enjoyed all three of the films in Vol # 2, but I'm guessing it was a commerical disaster given how divisive/poorly regarded they are, so, add the long wait plus what I assume to be the considerable difficulty in sourcing rights & materials for these kind of movies = curtains.

              Very sad, given what a blinder Vol # 1 was.


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                poor planning from their side. they could have kept it going if they wanted to, I mean they had stuff like the baby, the mutilator or the slayer (all of them strong nightmare usa vibes) in their catalogue but decided to release them on their own.