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  • Originally posted by Mark Tolch View Post
    If you watch The Exorcism of Molly Hartley, you're an idiot.
    (Quietly pulls the Dvd from his 'to watch' pile and puts it in his 'to throw away' pile...)

    However...i also think it cant be worse than Ouija Exorcism that I watched last maybe a matter of perspecrive


    • The Pit and the Pendulum
      Source-Echo Bridge Midnight Horror DVD

      When I was still fairly young I saw the AIP made Vincent Price Pit and the Pendulum film. And I loved it. So when in 90 or 91 I started hearing thru Fangoria magazine that Stuart Gordon was remaking it I wanted to see it. I got lucky and the local video store got in the unrated VHS.I watched it and was very impressed.

      Skip ahead now to 2004. I caught a edited for TV airing of the movie on Sci Fi Channel and wanted to get it on DVD. The DVD was out of print. And selling for a bit more than I wanted to pay. I figured one day Full Moon would re-release the DVD.

      Skip ahead about 8 more years,I am in my local Walmart waiting for my meds to be filled.So to pass the 30 minutes I had to wait I started digging in the $5 bin. I almost skipped this set. Mostly cause the last few Echo Bridge Midnight Horror sets I had bought were nothing but 2000s era DTV tripe. Then on the bottom of the cover I saw a smaller version of the poster at the top of this post. Thinking there was no way this would be the Stuart Gordon film,I flipped the DVD over and saw that yes it is the Stuart Gordon directed film,but sadly it is the R rated cut. No matter I wanted to see the film bad enough that I was willing to drop $5 for the set.

      The plot is fairly simple the town baker's wife is falsely accused of being a witch by Lance Henrikson who plays Torquemada.So she get tortured and her husband seeks revenge. From what I can remember it seems the more sexualized violence is what got the most cuts in this R rated version. Even though with the cuts the film still pushes what you could get away with in an R rated film in the early 90s.

      The FX work all looks to be practical FX work. And it is really well done practical FX work. For a Full Moon produced film this has a damn good cast. You got Lance as the lead villain. Plus Jeffery Combs and the late Tom Towels as supporting cast.

      Besides it being the R rated cut the only other drawback is this version is full frame. Pretty sure by 91 Full Moon had either ended it relationship with Paramont or it was about to end.I doubt this played more than 20 theaters. And I have no idea what it's OAR is suppose to be. But this full frame version doesn't look like it is framed wrong or missing any major picture info.

      The Pit and the Pendulum gets a B.


      • 1. Hellraiser Revelations
        2. Jaws
        3. Chopping Mall
        4. Knock Knock
        5. Toxic Avenger
        6. Hallowed Ground
        7. Ouija Exorcism
        9. Werewolves on Wheels


        Thanks TROMA.....Feels like a 10 min student short film that has been dragged out to 1hr 10 mins..Amateur acting (I think it is trying to be CLERKS for most of the running time!!)...SLOW (nothing happens for 30 mins!), cheap Halloween Werewolf masks...Shredding guitar every time something happens...abysmal all round.

        How DO people raise money to make something like this?

        i am going to stop watching movies that have cool titles....They all seem to suck badly...


        • Stanley
          Source-Millcreek Gorehouse Greats Collection DVD

          In the 70s there was lots of nature run amok films. Stuff like Grizzly,Jaws and the film I am talking about today.

          Our lead is a Native American Nam vet.After coming back from the war he moved into the Florida Everglades and starts training snakes to obey his commands. He also uses the snakes to help the local hospital get anti venom.

          So once two poachers start coming into the Everglades,who are also connected to the man our lead suspects of killing his father the shit hits the fan. One of my favorite scenes is when both the poachers are stuck in some quicksand and our lead sends in Stanley to kill them. Stanley is his favorite snake. And in lots of ways their relationship reminds me of the original Willard film.

          I am a bit surprised this film isn't a bigger cult hit. It is full of wacky stuff that normally help film gain cult status. Just for the scenes of a stripper biting the heads off huge snakes I would think this movie would have a pretty big following.

          Before this set came out from Mill Creek,BCI Eclipse released an extras packed version of Stanley.The same print of the film is used for this set. But all the extras are gone. But this was a 12 film set that normally was selling for 5 to 7 bucks.

          Stanley gets a C.


          • Originally posted by sukebanboy View Post
            (Quietly pulls the Dvd from his 'to watch' pile and puts it in his 'to throw away' pile...)

            However...i also think it cant be worse than Ouija Exorcism that I watched last maybe a matter of perspecrive
            I almost beat up the television.


            • 1-Frogs 6.5
              2-Castle Of Blood 10
              3-Beyond The Door 3
              4-Planet of The Vampires 8
              5-Daughters Of Darkness 10
              6-Children Shouldn't Play With Dead Things 8
              7-The Suicide Club(Chevy Mystery Theater) 3
              8-Christmas Evil ack!
              9-The Black Abbot(1963) 10
              10-Eaten Alive(76) 3.5
              11-Strangler Of Blackmoor Castle 10
              12-The Mad Executioners 6.5
              13-Lady Frankenstein 8
              14-Night Of The Skull 4
              15-Catman Of Paris 4
              16-Curse Of The Stone Hand 4
              17-The Blood Spattered Bride 6.5
              18-An Evening With Edgar Allan Poe 5.5
              19-Death Smiles At Murder 3.5
              20-Horror Hotel 10
              21-The Undying Monster 7
              22-The Black Cat (81) 2.5
              23-Secret of The Blue Room 7
              "The popcorn you're eating has been pissed in. Film at 11".


              • THE ORPHANAGE / El Orfanato (J. A. Bayona, 2007). Mild, atmospheric ghost story with orphans up the wazoo (one has HIV, which makes it even sadder). Very Peter Pan, but enjoyable like a kid's fantasy. Clap if you believe!

                FIRST MAN INTO SPACE (Robert Day, 1959). Quatermass knockoff, but front-loaded with enough Right Stuff testpilot serious-toned balderdash that it feels different, fun. I'm not saying an astronaut goes into space and brings something back, but yeah; foam-rubber is involved. Looks pretty good, and hardly silly at all except when driving a car. The Darwyn Cooke art for the Criterion set is great.


                • Trip with Teacher
                  Source-Gorehouse Greats Collection DVD from Mill Creek

                  This is part of the handful of rape/revenge horror/thriller movies that came out in the 70s. Coming out in 1975 this is one sleazy ass film.A teacher and a handful of her female students are on a field trip. Going to see some Navajo ruins. On their way their bus breaks down and some bikers offer to help tow the bus.

                  The bus get towed to an old house and this is when the sleaze begins.Two of the bikers,Al and Pete,start off by raping the the teacher in front of the students. Pete is played by a young Zalman King. Who because of his choice of sunglasses looks like Beautiful Day era Bono from U2.

                  Trip with Teacher looks like a movie that would be the last film on a triple feature at a late 70s drive in. Sure it is low budget and the script isn't amazing. But it knows what it is. And never strays from that.

                  Before buying this set I had never even heard of Trip with the Teacher. After watching it,well it isn't anything special. It feels like the only reason this is remembered is because of Zalman King's role as Pete.It is the perfect sleazy drive in film. There is plenty of trashy dialogue. And piles of nudity.

                  Trip with the Teacher gets a C-.


                  • Trip with Teacher was a better than average biker flick, a genre that usually disappoints for me. The Grindhouse DVD with Malibu High is pretty good quality and the double feature makes it worthwhile.


                    • THE REINCARNATION OF PETER PROUD (1975) - While there's next to nothing in the way of overt horror in this story of a college professor who begins to believe the soul of a murdered man has been reincarnated in him, the slow but steady build of dread and inevitability, along with a terrific modern gothic atmosphere makes for a pretty fascinating film. Another one that seems to have slipped off the radar almost completely - quite unjustly I might add. Jennifer O'Neill looks so young in this film, amazing that this was just 3 years before her appearance in THE PYSCHIC (which would make a great twin bill with this), she was a real stunner. Great eerie and melancholic Jerry Goldsmith score too. Besides, where else are you going to see Margot Kidder made up to look like a grandmother rub one out in the tub? Huh? Yeah I thought so.
                      I don't go to church. Kneeling bags my nylons.


                      • QUEEN OF BLOOD (Curtis Harrington, 1966). Recycled Russian sf with John Saxon & Dennis Hopper (astronauts), Basil Rathbone (tannoy-shouting scientist) and Florence Marly (?). The cut-in effects footage is lovely, like Bonestell paintings or pressing on Brakhage's closed eyeballs, the titles are trippy John Douglas Cline paintings, and the alien lady is greener than Shatner's finger on second base. Also features that prop newspaper. I watched the DVD-R, but there's a blu-ray coming.

                        THE END


                        • HIGH SPIRITS (Neil Jordan, 1988). Steve Guttenberg is in this.


                          • Originally posted by Barry M View Post
                            HIGH SPIRITS (Neil Jordan, 1988). Steve Guttenberg is in this.
                            No doubt this was executive-produced by the Stonecutters.
                            Why would anybody watch a scum show like Videodrome? Why did you watch it, Max?


                            • Blade Anime
                              Source-Sony Pictures DVD

                              A few years back on G4 they showed 4 different Marvel comic Anime tv series. Each was 12 episodes long. I am not sure why I didn't watch them when they came out. While I am not a huge anime fan I have enjoyed some of it. And I really liked the Witchblade anime show.

                              Over the past 2 years I keep finding the 2 disc sets of these Marvel anime tv shows cheap at Dollar General.About 2 weeks ago I was at DG grabbing snacks. Saw they had dropped the price on the Blade anime to $7. I didn't feel like paying that much. But on my way home I saw there was a garage sale near my home. I stopped looked around thinking it was gonna be a bust. Then the husband tells his wife "Go inside get those dvds we bought for the grand kids and they wouldn't watch them cause they said they were too old." She went in and came back out with Thundercats season 1 vol 1 andBl this Blade set. The Blade set was still sealed and they only wanted a buck for it so I took a chance.

                              In this series Blade is over in the far east. And facing all the different types of vampires that are parts of the various Asian cultures.Which makes for some neat and new vampires for Blade to fight. Deacon Frost is brought back as the lead villain. And at least to me it feels like this anime is set in the same continuity as the first live action film.

                              Over all the series is decent. The story is nothing special,pretty sure Warren Ellis had something to do with it.But the animation more than makes up for how average the story is. Done by Madhouse,one of the best anime studios,the animation looks really good for a made for TV show.

                              One weird quirk about this set I noticed was when you first start the show the audio is in Japanese and the English subtitles are turned on. Cause of my hearing damage I normally keep the subtitles on when watching a film,even if it is in English.And because that first viewing I was more listening to the show than watching it I turned on the English audio. Then I started noticing the English audio and the English subtitles do not match up that often.When I watched the show again today I paid more attention and the subtitles seem to tell the story much better than the English audio.

                              Blade Anime series gets a C-.

                              Also finally got around to watching ATM. I liked it. But wish it wasn't left so open ended.


                              • Originally posted by Matt H. View Post
                                No doubt this was executive-produced by the Stonecutters.
                                hahaha Fantastic.