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What is the "Star Wars" of Horror?

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  • What is the "Star Wars" of Horror?

    What is that one franchise that you would describe as the "Star Wars" of the genre? A franchise that was: hugely influential, changed the game, and has a fan base that spans the generations?

    My pick would be either Romero's original Dead Trilogy or the Evil Dead Trilogy.

    Night of the Living Dead was a big game changer. It was among the very few horror films that felt modern. We get away from the gothic castles, mad scientists, folklore, and black and white morality. Here, we have a film that feels real in many ways. And so on and so fourth with Dawn and Day. Fuck the new trilogy. In a lot of ways, the new Dead Trilogy is like the Star Wars prequel trilogy.

    Evil Dead 1 wasn't as much of a game changer, it did influence a generation of zero budget filmmakers up to and including Peter Jackson and Jim Van Bebber. But I think it's the character of Ash and the concept of the trilogy that has been so influential. There's not too many horror heroes you can name off the top of your head and there's even fewer that Joe Blow Public can name. Even non-horror fans know the character Ash and are fans of him.
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    If you're talking franchise, I think you pretty much nailed it.


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      HALLOWEEN should probably be in the conversation.


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        Texas Chainsaw Massacre? Perhaps even Universal's Frankenstein from the 30s.


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          If we are comparing it to the Star Wars series we need...

          A GOOD one...followed by a GREAT one...followed by an iffy one...followed by 3 pieces of crap....Yep...Sounds like CHAINSAW or HALLOWEEN series to me....Maybe HELLRAISER?....Shit...more than I think fit the trend