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  • Tim Ritter's Creep

    I watched this last night. Here's what I wrote about it:

    I'm only a half hour in and i have had a few beers but I feel pretty confident in proclaiming Tim Ritter's Creep to be the GREATEST MOVIE EVERYONE MADE.


    This movie features a guy named Rattlehead The Rapist. Crazy lady cop makes a prison sex joke and kills him in a parking lot. Meanwhile a stripper with the worst Frankenboobs ever hooks up with a serial killer who looks kind of like the guy from The Beachcombers.

    Frankenboobs killed a guy with a corkscrew.

    Frankenboobs is dead, people are belching.

    Psycho killer robs a pawn shop, eats some burgers. Kills a guy with a blow torch and calls him 'Pawn Boy.'

    He leaves the corpse but takes the burgers.

    Lady cop asks her dad for soap, he smashes a vase full of flowers across her head. We flashback to people smoking.

    Her dad is a pervert and his dialogue is out of synch. There is a Panama Jack hat hanging behind him on the wall as he rants about his divorce. This won't end well for the daughter he has just tied up.

    He is in cahoots with Angus the Beachcombers killer/burger eater guy.

    Angus is.... humping.... something? Now he is pooping.

    Lady Cop is free, Angus is crying naked and hairy in the bath. Party's over... creep!

    Bomb goes off, everyone us dead. The end. Or is it? MASTERPIECE!!!!

    Looking back on it, that's pretty accurate. Anyone else see this? I know Ritter's stuff is a bit of an acquired taste, but I've acquired it and I can't be alone in this.
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    Leading lady Kathy Willets also starred in a movie called Babes Of Bonerville.

    Click image for larger version

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      The only thing I know about this is that the soundtrack was done by Alucarda. The same group that did this amazing Fulci tribute on the For Lucio Fulci: a Symphony of Fear CD.
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        Haha, I haven't seen this in years (must rebuy it on DVD as mine's gone AWOL). I think it was a bonus freebie DVD in an order I'd done with a mail order company and watched it not knowing anything about it. I felt a bit dirty after seeing it the first time; I've seen scuzzier films since but this one's certainly memorable. And yeah, Kathy Willets, they were some solid breasts there...