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  • Downer thought for the day!

    Well, since 2011 has got off to such a tremendous (read: tremendously BAD) start with celebrity deaths, it got me thinking last night and I have come to the following conclusion:

    We can probably expect bad news for Christopher Lee and/or Jess Franco (or both) before the year is out.

    I am certainly not wishing it on either of them, as they are both much loved favourites of mine, but...

    Uncle Jess is 81, and he's been appearing frailer and frailer with every successive interview or public appearance (in a wheelchair at the Goyas).

    And Mr. Lee, who tops the clock at 89 this year, has been looking somewhat frailer of late if you've been keeping up with his website and the video updates he posts (the last of which he stated that his age and health prevents him from doing much more than cameos anymore).

    It's sad to think about it, even in passing...but as younger folk we all have to accept that the greats won't be with us forever.

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    I think Lee is going to live till 100. I remember Tim Lucas talking about how SLEEPY HOLLOW may be the last time we get to see Lee in a film and that was 12 years and almost 20 movies ago.

    Franco, on the other hand...
    Now everyone can have a complete KRULL lifestyle.


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      Yeah, I was thinking the same thing about Franco the other day while the interview on the Paula-Paula disc was playing.
      Rock! Shock! Pop!


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        Franco's teeth certainly left this plane.


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          I was thinking the exact same thing about these two this past weekend. It's gonna be a bad day when either of them go.

          Hey, Todd... Jess's tooth is fine!


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            Originally posted by Toyboy View Post
            I think Lee is going to live till 100.
            This is a nice, reassuring thought...and probably true in hindsight! Plus, he did that album with Manowar, so that's got to boost his health-points (right, Ian?)

            But as you sad, Franco on the other a wheelchair, lost most of his teeth, smokes like a chimney...who knows? He might kick on longer...but I have my concerns for the old fella...
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