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Comedies of the '70s and '80s

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    Rumor has it that Olive Films is releasing Ski School on Blu come May.

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        Being quite possibly the only David Beaird fan 'round these parts, I would be remiss if I didn't pimp his 80's "classics":

        Party Animal (1984) - This movie could make Porky's blush. it's not a particularly well-made film by anyone's standards, and at 78 minutes, it's little more than than skit after skit of raunch-filled hilarity hanging off a threadbare plot of a guy trying to spend most of the film getting laid. However, the frenetic lead, Matthew Causey, gives an endearingly deranged performance as campus loser, Pondo Sinatra (this is Mr. Causey's only credited film performance to date - a role of which he no longer wishes to be reminded, since he left acting behind, earned a handful of degrees, and became Dr. Matthew Causey, a senior lecturer in the School of Drama, Film and Music at Trinity College in Dublin). This film also has the distinction of possessing one of THE best soundtracks of any 80's comedies, with wall-to-wall Buzzcocks, plus Fleshtones, The Untouchables, etc.

        My Chauffeur (1986) - My memories are kinda hazy on this one. It's really good, but I need a more recent viewing to offer substantive thoughts.

        Pass the Ammo (1988) - My favorite of the bunch. It's one of those quirky comedies that, like typical David Beaird fare, is not a great film by any stretch; but it is one of my favorite guilty pleasures that I can watch over and over again. And what's not to love? Get a load of the cast: Tim Curry and Annie Potts as the thinly-veiled Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker clones; our protagonists, Bill Paxton and Linda (Crocodile Dundee) Kozlowski (looking very cute and sexy); plus, an impeccable supporting cast of you'll-know-em-when-you-see-em character actors: 300 lb Dennis Burkley (he of many 70's and 80's tv guest appearances), Glenn Withrow (inspired casting, pairing him with Burkley), AND Anthony Geary (Luke of Luke and Laura/General Hospital fame) as a stoned television engineer.

        Plus, it was filmed on location in Eureka Springs, Arkansas and uses hundreds of locals as extras in the studio audience of the PTL-club-like televangelist show, which broadcasts live via satellite all over the world. Paxton hatches a plot to get back Kozloski's inheritance that Reverend Ray's ministry bilked from her grandmother. Much hilarity ensues. Really, this film has it all: big hair, white trash militia, bad accents (tho, very entertaining all the same), Las Vegas-style musical numbers PLUS it's overflowing with a ton of quotable dialogue (a requisite for ultimate 80's movies, right?)

        Tim Curry is outstanding as the crooked televangelist, Ray Porter, and so is Annie Potts as his dizzy wife, Darla. Between those two, Glenn Withrow and the Cajun sheriff Rascal LeBeaux (played by the wonderful Leland Crooke), there is so much scenery being chewed you'll get indigestion just watching it!

        Only available on the original VHS, I would kill for a proper DVD release.

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            Right on


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              Comedies of the '70s and '80s

              Man I love pawn shops, found this for $4


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                I'm not big on Chevy Chase, but those are both very funny films. Good score.


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                  I don't always think “comedy” when I think of the 70s (too many Neil Simon movies) but Elaine May's A NEW LEAF is a good dark comedy with nice performances by Walter Matthau and May herself. And of course May's (there he is!) Simon-scripted THE HEARTBREAK KID is considered a classic.


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                    Got Soul Man today

                    Click image for larger version

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                      Another one that they'd never be able to pull off today.


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                        Originally posted by J Frank View Post
                        Another one I want to get is the Cameron Crowe-written Fast Times at Ridgemont High knock-off THE WILD LIFE ('84). Christopher Penn, Eric Stoltz, Rick Moranis, Randy Quaid, Butch Vig, Kitten Natividad, score by Eddie Van Halen. Damn fine film.
                        I don't see this on amazon yet, but Kino has this scheduled as an April release on blu (yeah, I know the link says 4k-uhd, but it appears to be a blu at this point).

                        Edit: it's on amazon, but not yet orderable:


                        I saw it first on Canadian distributor Unobstructed View's site, where there's some info on features, too.

                        Originally posted by UnobstructedView
                        The Wild Life stars Christopher Penn (Mulholland Falls), Eric Stoltz (Bodies, Rest & Motion), Lea Thompson (SpaceCamp), Jenny Wright (Near Dark) and Ilan Mitchell-Smith (Weird Science) as teens on the verge of adulthood who discover that playing grown-up can be a confusing game. Older men, singles apartments, all-night parties and falling in love bring heartbreak and hilarity. Also featuring Randy Quaid (The Long Riders) in a special appearance as a Vietnam vet who teaches one of the kids an important lesson and Rick Moranis (Spaceballs) as a wacky nerd-on-the-make, this coming-of-age story is a humorous, bittersweet look at the best and worst times of everyone's life. Screenwriter Cameron Crowe's follow-up to his smash hit Fast Times at Ridgemont High, The Wild Life was the second and final film directed by veteran Hollywood producer Art Linson (Where the Buffalo Roam).

                        NEW Audio Commentary by Writer/Podcaster Mike McBeardo McPadden, Author of TEEN MOVIE HELL and Author/Disc Jockey Ian Christe | NEW Interview with Co-Star Ilan Mitchell-Smith | 9 Radio Spots | Theatrical Trailer | Dual-Layered BD50 Disc | Optional English Subtitles

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                          Really looking forward to THE WILD LIFE. What a cast!
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                            I haven't seen THE WILD LIFE in a long time but I remember digging it back in the day. Be interesting to see how it holds up. That really is an impressive cast.

                            Another one I really like is THE HOLLYWOOD KNIGHTS. It's where the band New Bomb Turks got their name!
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                              I absolutely adore THE WILD LIFE but I'm not sure it would win over the uninitiated. It's a pretty standard '80s comedy. But I love it to the pieces. Rick Moranis and Chris Penn are hilarious.
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                                Not to mention that short but sweet Lee Ving cameo! Jenny Wright was also good - including that neon basked department store, and Stoltz of course holds his own. Overall The Wild Life is pretty good, despite it being placed in Fast Time's shadow. It's certainly of its time and place of late night viewings and video store rentals. TCM Underground used to play it every now-and-then late nights, but it's been awhile. Regardless, this would be great to own for those times you want something breezy and fun to watch.