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  • OATH OF DEATH - Dir. Pao Hsueh Li (1971)

    Never get tired of this one mainly due to performances of the 3 leads (Lo Lieh, Frankie Wei Hung & Tien Fang). This trio usually play/ are typecast as despicable villains but they at least start out as the good guys. Plenty of bloody swordplay (with cool blood spray effects) & also, quite a bit of flesh on display particularly in the guise of Ling Ling, who plays a real bitch in every sense of the word & isn't shy about showing off her nubile "assets." The actual story has been retold in a number of flicks including the more historically accurate & critically acclaimed SBs version, BLOOD BROTHERS put out by Chang Cheh a couple years later but this one is much more entertaining in terms of gory kung fu mayhem & wanton nudity.


    • Considerably pulpier than Driller Killer and Ms. 45 yet at the same time a logical follow up to those films and quintessentially a Ferrara film with its dose of psychology to go along with all the stripper slicing and the perfect balance of style and grime. Brilliant cast too. Billy Dee Williams IS charisma.


      • Saw two rentals tonight. Blue Jasmine which was a solid Woody Allen film. Cate Blanchett whom I loathe was amazing. Oscar worthy performace. 4 out of 5 toasters

        I also saw Emperor about Tommy Lee Jones and Matthew Fox trying to get Japan in order after the a-bombs. Interesting and informative but very dull direction and as a movie. 2 out of 5 toasters
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        • Dead or alive, you're coming with me... Tonight the dog and I are watching Robocop UNCUT.

          If you have not seen Robocop uncut and you don't want spoilers, don't watch the video below.

          Mr. Horror
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          • THE BLACK TAVERN - Dir. Teddy Yip (1972)

            This is some cool shit with Ku Feng as a sadistic whip wielding villain who roams the countryside jacking rich officials of their gold & shit along with his daughter and her female servant. Lots of bloody violence especially the early fight scenes where Ku Feng dispatches the original proprietors of the "Black Tavern" Inn in the most brutal way possible with his 'devil whip' style. We're talking decapitation city here! Szu Shih of THE LADY HERMIT fame is also notable as a 'hero' taking on Ku Feng in a frenetic showdown at the end. Be on the look out for Dean Shek too, as he has a minor role as an itinerant beggar with some gnarly looking fucked up teeth. All in all, a blast of a flick & highly recommended!


            • War Games -1983 staring Ferris Bueller link.
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              • KICHIKU DAI ENKAI - Dir. Kazuyoshi Kumakiri (1997)

                The last third of this movie is off the motherfucking chain. This is what Koji Wakamatsu's URA should've been. A low budget university film project made on a shoestring budget with amateur actors but the 'cheap' gore effects & cinema verite style lend this flick a disturbing quality that is hard to describe. I saw a couple other flicks by director, Kumakiri & they were alright but his debut is mind blowing. The now OOP Artsmagic dvd comes with a supplemental disc chock full of extras including a "making of" featurette and it was quite entertaining as the entire cast seemed to have relished the whole process of bringing this student project to fruition.


                • SHAOLIN AVENGERS aka Incredible Kung Fu Brothers - Dir. Chang Cheh ( 1976)

                  Watched this again after many years since I've finally acquired this one on blu ray. Still one of my faves and love the flashback plot device and kick ass fight scenes. Fu Sheng would've been a crossover star had it not been for his untimely death and Chi Kuan Chun is one badass himself. He's got to be in his mid-60s & still looks to be in top physical shape. I saw him interviewed in one of the Rarescope releases (Showdown at Cotton Mill?) and he looks half his age. The only thing that bothered me was how come Fu Sheng didn't devise an armor plate to protect his rectum, since that was his only vulnerable area? He should've went to a blacksmith & fashioned an iron set of diapers.


                  • What are you watching?

                    BAFFLED! with Leonard Nimoy.

                    Surprisingly enjoyable TV movie in two edits. Kind of a supernatural thing like KOLCHAK.

                    Fun and totally 70's.


                    • "Olympus Has Fallen" the terrible CGI ruins what could been an alright action film... The film has a awesome cast and is directed by the same guy who directed "Shooter" staring Mark Wahlberg. Which I thought was a fun easy to watch action thriller. I'm not sure why I'm even still watching Olympus Has Fallen, yeah it's that bad...
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                      • Originally posted by Mr. Horror View Post
                        I'm not sure why I'm even still watching Olympus Has Fallen, yeah it's that bad...
                        Haha...I have been there myself in the same position too many times to mention!!!


                        • SECRET COMMAND (1944) - WWII era thriller with Pat O'Brien undercover at a shipyard stateside looking to catch Nazi saboteurs. Fast paced and a killer cast of tough guys like Chester Morris and Barton MacLane (no matter what film he's in I keep waiting for him to say "I'm licked boys...I'm licked.").
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                          • ROBOCOP 2 (it was on TV last night!)

                            Holds up better than I remember...although some of the acting is a!!

                            The special effects seem to be WORSE than part one in some places....and the social commentary is not as good as original...neither is the story...

                            Liked it when they reprogrammed him to be "nicer"..and the violence was pretty strong....although they seemed ot have made a decision to go more "cartoony" rather than comci-book style..

                            HOWEVER, as always LITTLE KIDS IN MOVIES ANNOY did the bad youngster in this one...NO NEED FOR HIM...NOONAN saved it though..and WELLER is FANTASTIC again!

                            Irvin Kershner is good at directing sequels i think!!
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                            • THE DEVIL'S MIRROR - Dir. Sun Chung (1972)

                              I haven't come across a dud yet from Herr Chung's legacy at SBs. This is another highly entertaining flick with lots of bloody action including twin sword decapitation, impalement by a peg leg, gallons of blood squirting everywhere (mechanical arterial blood sprays look so much better than even the most advanced CGI that I've seen) & crazy wire work as Lee Gai Sai steals the show as a sexually insatiable kung fu vixen with a third 'eye' on her forehead (doesn't take much to figure out the visual metaphor there) who literally flies around like the wicked witch of the west sans broom.

                              ah yeah, can't go wrong with a SBs flick to keep one entertained. I try to watch one a day at least & still have a bunch ripped from a ZiiEagle box that I haven't even seen yet.


                              • Rented some flicks this last week:

                                Penthouse North Extremely by the numbers thriller about a blind woman hassled by evil crooks. Michael Keaton looks very old.
                                1 out of 5 toasters

                                Getaway Car crashes galore shot by small stunt cams makes a film that could have been a fun B-actioner very cheesy and cheap. Also Selena Gomez is annoying as hell. 2 out of 5 toasters

                                Phil Spector Al Pacino in various gigantic wigs. Did not give me much insight into the whole murder trial, but Pacinos wigs were fun. Meh.
                                2 out of 5 toasters

                                The Deadly Game Gabriel Byrne and a bunch of brittish actors you recognize but dont know the name of in a cheap as hell dirty cops thriller. To clichéd to take seriously, but kept me looking at the TV for 80 something minutes. 2 out of 5 toasters

                                Prisoners of the Sun When a film has a male ex-Baywatch star and John Rhys-Davies as its stars you know it is Z-grade. Co-produced by Uwe Boll. Pyramids and aliens. Not as shitty as I expected it to be, but certainly not good. 1 out of 5 toasters
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