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R.I.P. Louis Gossett Jr.

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  • R.I.P. Louis Gossett Jr.

    LOS ANGELES (AP) — Louis Gossett Jr., the first Black man to win a supporting actor Oscar and an Emmy winner for his role in the seminal TV miniseries “Roots,” has died. He was 87.

    Gossett’s first cousin Neal L. Gossett told The Associated Press that the actor died in Santa Monica, California. A statement from the family said Gossett died Friday morning. No cause of death was revealed.

    Gossett’s cousin remembered a man who walked with Nelson Mandela and who also was a great joke teller, a relative who faced and fought racism with dignity and humor.

    “Never mind the awards, never mind the glitz and glamor, the Rolls-Royces and the big houses in Malibu. It’s about the humanity of the people that he stood for,” his cousin said.

    Louis Gossett always thought of his early career as a reverse Cinderella story, with success finding him from an early age and propelling him forward, toward his Academy Award for “An Officer and a Gentleman.”

    More information here:
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    He was in a few of my favorites when I was a kid; maybe I'll do Iron Eagle or Firewalker later... RIP


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      one of my favorites

      great actor

      always enjoyed seeing him


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        Always been a favourite. RIP!
        "No presh from the Dresh!"


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          One of the best. RIP
          "When I die, I hope to go to Accra"


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            When I was a kid, for some reason that was never clear to me, we had a VHS of a recording of Enemy Mine. (Can't remember if it was a copy of an official VHS release or a recording off of HBO or whatever.) So I watched that a lot. RIP.


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              He was a fixture of 80s films and was alwaya good no matter the quality of the film. I think a lot of his best work was in the Color Purple musical...kidding, he did a number of HBO films in the 90s that are quite good.