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'Live it up!' (1963) – Lance Comfort.

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  • 'Live it up!' (1963) – Lance Comfort.

    By no immodest margin versatile filmmaker, Lance Comfort's ludicrously likeable 'Live it up!' remains one of the perkiest, pop-tastic teen movie rave-ups Britain ever produced! This pop-packed 60s gem is given additional lustre by the presence of future Giallo icon, David Hemmings, hard rocking Humble Pie legend, Steve Marriot, and Ed 'Skippy' Deveraux delivers a credible performance as the stolid, fair minded patriarch of twitchy, pop-seeking son, Dave (David Hemmings). The score is exemplary, featuring outstanding contributions from, Kenny Ball & His Jazzmen, Sounds Incorporated, Gene Vincent, Patsy Ann Noble, The Outlaws, and bottle blonde rocker, Joe Meek protégé, Heinz Burt is in fine voice for the 'Smart Alecs' rousingly toe-tapping theme 'Live it up!'.

    Remarkably well acted, with supremely engaging performances from, David Hemmings as the avid music fan, GPO delivery boy, wannabe rocker, Dave Martin and his adorably gobby cockney Sparra chum, Steve Marriott is a hoot! While dramatically sound, the real buzz of 'Live it up!' is the undeniably fabulous, eminently frug-worthy, wall-to-wall spaced-out echo-delic sounds of eccentric D.I.Y music impresario, Joe Meek. I strongly predict future cult status for the fiendishly frothy, exhilarating 'Live it up!'. It would be remiss of me if I failed to highlight, David Bauer's mesmeric turn as the serially scheming Mephistophelean producer, Mark Watson, who makes Kevin Spacey's sadistic, Buddy Ackerman in 'Swimming With Sharks' look like a timorous tadpole!

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