An independently produced, low budget slapstick gangster comedy which belabours the increasingly ludicrous shenanigans of a guileless trio of Teesside likely lads attempting to train a greyhound to win at the prestigious Peterborough racing event, as portly scowling slaphead villain, Gordy (Dave Courtney) and his absurdly cackling mini-mean side-kick, Buffalo Phil (Peter Bonner) serially slap all in sundry about until the hare-racing climax. McCarthy's excitable, earnestly made, episodically amiable crime romp is both intentionally, and, fortuitously, unintentionally funny! While the noisome narrative is not always convincing, it fitfully provided a few crudely mounted moments of levity, but, overall, the dramatic elements failed to ignite.

I believe it would be entirely fair to suggest that some of the more prodigiously warped schlock-seekers will actively relish the cheesier comedic nuggets unearthed herein, and boozier members of the 'so-bad-it's-good-brigade' may well praise the film's frequent lapses of taste! I discovered that it is injudicious to feed a greyhound an excess of whiskey-laced eggs before a race, revenge is a dish best served with mushy peas, and plucky Emmerdale alumni, Lisa Riley was a real trooper being the super-sized butt of a multitude of mean spirited jibes entirely at her expense. The game cast's 'colourful' acting performances are either competent, amateurish, or conspicuously absent. Unsophisticated, poorly edited, and undeniably silly, McCarthy's cartoonish crime caper is not entirely without skewed entertainment value.

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