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'Private Road' (1971) - Barney Platts-Mills.

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  • 'Private Road' (1971) - Barney Platts-Mills.

    Deliciously handsome, Bruce Robinson, plays affable, dilettantish author, Peter, who quite understandably falls for the adorably timid, emotionally frail pixie, Ann (Susan Penhaligon), and their sweetly tumultuous relationship, fraught with obtuse parental meddling, financial woes, erotic exultation, and naïveté makes for compelling cinema, this uniquely photogenic pair are one of the more charming screen lovers! Private Road is a delicate, witty, playful, earnestly romantic film; a memorable, smartly written love story told without sentimentality, replete with engaging, naturalistic performances, pithy dialogue and a refreshingly light directorial touch. It is both a rare and hugely satisfying experience to watch such a humane, emotionally intelligent film dealing so sensitively with the exquisite travails borne of nascent love as the eminently lovable Private Road.

    The enervating conflicts between, Ann's reserved, controlling, conservatively middle-class family, along with boyfriend, Peter's profound anxiety over his best friend, Stephen's (Michael Feast) disturbing drug addiction, and his own mounting frustrations regarding the crass, innate emptiness of copywriting, plus his pronounced lack of ambition has lost none of its tender pathos. Gifted filmmaker, Barney Platts-Mills nuanced follow-up to cult classic Bronco Bullfrog (1969) vividly remains no less enthralling seen today than upon its initial theatrical release in 1971. Wholly deserving of its status of forgotten mini-masterpiece, if the colour palate were, perhaps, a little cooler, originating from navel-gazing Scandinavia, 'Private Road' may well have been unearthed a little sooner! The meticulous BFI restoration is sublime, images are sharp, colours are warmly appealing, soundtrack is perfectly crisp, and the two exciting bonus shorts are most welcome additions!

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