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'Power Cop' aka 'Irresistible Force' (1993) - Kevin Hooks.

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  • 'Power Cop' aka 'Irresistible Force' (1993) - Kevin Hooks.

    Pairing acting deity, Stacy Keach and fleet-footed action goddess, Cynthia Rothrock in this hard-hitting, punch-packed, female fronted fight flick proved to be an irresistible combination! Talented filmmaker Hooks is plainly aware of the demographic he is 'shooting' for, swiftly laying on the bellicose action, the charismatic, world-weary cop, Harris Stone (Stacy Keach) look on bemusedly as his new, uncommonly feisty, high-kicking partner Charlotte 'Charlie' Heller (Cynthia Rothrock) audaciously Kung Fu's herself into a terse car showroom robbery, wherein the courageous, if not a little cavalier 'Charlie' continues to power her demonstrative presence inside, and with consummate acrobatic agility takes out the skeevey, gun-toting trash lickety split! Not long after Rothrock's bravura display of martial arts, both Harris & Heller rather brusquely find themselves on suspension, after being vociferously admonished by, Commander Toole, engagingly portrayed by the exceptionally fine character actor, Paul Winfield.

    Following that deliciously adrenalized appetizer the chop-socking gets super-gnarly as our two amiably mismatched movie cops end up at a rather lavish, decidedly 'la-di-da'-looking Mall opening ceremony, and, fortuitously, before you can yell 'Yippie-Ki-Yay Mother Trucker!' they are both earlobes deep in explosive Die Hard/Under Siege territory, with the altogether awesome 'Power Cop' Charlie 'wrong placing and wrong timing' her martially majestic way through the grisly-looking gaggle of arch bad guy, James Barron's (Christopher Neame) gun-happy goons with her signature skell slaying agility!

    In the appropriately named 'Irresistible Force' perfectly formed, panther-swift, Cynthia Rothrock once again excitingly proves herself to be a feline force to be reckoned with, displaying tremendous agility as she terminally terrorizes the terrorists, with Stoic, hard line cop, Keach lending his not inconsiderable thesping, head-butting might to the pugilistic proceedings! We've seen it all before, but that's just the way I like it, Keach & Rothrock have a wonderful movie onscreen chemistry, and I genuinely feel that it's long overdue that the naysayers give Cynthia Rothrock some well deserved respect, while she is quite demonstratively a supremely talented martial artist, she's also a more than capable actor.

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    One of the few Rothrock movies I haven't seen. I shall have to remedy that.
    "No presh from the Dresh!"


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      Keach and Rothrock as a buddy-cop duo..?!

      I am so up for watching this, in the event of my ever locating a copy.