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'Killing Machine' aka 'Goma 2' (1984) - J. Anthony Loma.

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  • 'Killing Machine' aka 'Goma 2' (1984) - J. Anthony Loma.

    Steel-fisted, preternaturally handsome action hero, Jorge 'Fist Fighter' Rivero thrills as, Txema Basterrenech, a former explosive expert for a shady hardline terrorist outfit who grimly discovers that his new straight life as long distance lorry driver, and loving husband to the beautiful, pregnant, Elisa (Ana Obregon) is to be fraught with no less danger than the shadowy past he had hoped to distance himself from! The intractable, Txema won't kowtow to the relentless brutality of enjoyably despicable B-movie mob boss, Major Julot (Lee Van Cleef), this defiance fatefully becomes the shatteringly violent catalyst which propels, Txema upon an explosive campaign of righteously destructive retribution, methodically hunting down the three vermin responsible for his wife's death with the same ruthless efficiency as his arch nemesis, Major Julot!

    Making the most of this incendiary cocktail of volatile exploitation material director, J. Anthony Loma wastes very little time with narrative niceties, the distressing scene of a physically overwhelmed, Txema being savagely beaten and then forced to watch on helplessly as, Julot's hired goons torment his young wife makes for a memorably unpleasant interlude, thereby making it absolutely impossible not to sympathize with Txema's roiling hatred for cruel Machiavellian gangster, Julot and the unconscionable brutality of his pitiless henchmen.

    'Killing Machine' delivers gritty, skull-shattering B-Movie catharsis of the highest order, and watching the earnestly enraged, Txema sending his ignominious abusers into the flesh-searing inferno they so richly deserve makes for gloriously edifying, blood-lusting entertainment, and not only is Txema's explosive revenge excitingly mounted, 'Killing Machine' has a notable cast of illuminated Euro-cult Thespians, Richard 'Grizzly' Jaeckel, Hugo 'City of the Living Dead' Stiglitz, Aldo 'A Fistful of Spaghetti westerns' Sambrell, Frank 'Pieces/Slugs' Brana, and the truly reprehensible mafia sleaze, Julot being essayed with immaculately glacial élan by screen con Lee Van Cleef. But one of Killing Machine's greatest strengths lies in the sublimely moody synth score by Euro-crime legends, Guido & Maurizio De Angelis whose magnificent theme is, perhaps, one of their very finest works! 'Killing Machine' is a bona fide, Grade 'A' B-Move Cult waiting to be discovered!

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    I remember having seen this on late night TV in the 90s. I remember being wxtremely underwhelmed by it. But perhaps I need to revisit it, or at least the soundtrack.
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