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'Hound' (2017) – Simba Masaku.

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  • 'Hound' (2017) – Simba Masaku.

    Intimately documenting a chronically depressed alcoholic's dismal descent into boozy oblivion after the cruel slaying of his beloved dog might seem an unlovely premise for a feature, and, frankly, this deliberately downbeat tale of suburban annihilation may not have universal appeal! Galvanized by his terrible grief insular loner, Andy (Jimm Stark), tutored by fellow recovering alcoholic chum, Lucy (Rhiannon Barker) gradually transforms himself into the Hounslow haunting, courageously creep-crushing canine crusader Hound!!! While some may baulk at the film's ruff, low budget aesthetic, and this distempered, hoodie-harvesting, mayhem making mongrel is unlikely to win best in show, director, Simba's hectic B-Movie is an undisciplined, enjoyably blood-thirsty beast, there's snout quite like it! While this barking mad, gratuitously gunhappy, Poundland 'Hound' lacks pedigree, it's one plucky pooch, Simba's scrappy Hounslow shoot 'em up is the mutt's mucky nuts, mayte!!

    The multi-tasking writer/director, Simba Masaku plays wannabe gangster, Raj with an amusingly unfiltered intensity, the increasingly psychotic Hounslow hoodlum, savagely staking his bloody claim to be top dog, only to disturbingly discover that he's merely a milky whelp next to his vicious, armour-plated, relentlessly thug trashing Hound nemesis!!! While, Simba Masaku's valiant D. I. Y effort is muzzled by a conspicuous lack of funds, the committed performances from his enthusiastic cast are generally quite sound, with the demonstratively dour urban environs of Hounslow making for a suitably bleak, thematically toothsome backdrop for the heroic Hound's off-the-chain kooky, and propah gangsta hoodie hunt!!!

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