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'Dollar For The Dead' (1998) aka 'Un Dolar Por Los Muertos' - Gene Quintano.

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  • 'Dollar For The Dead' (1998) aka 'Un Dolar Por Los Muertos' - Gene Quintano.

    Brooding Young Gun, Emilio Estevez is a taciturn treat as the Leone Wolf, lightning-fast, coffin-draggin' nameless outlaw in director, Gene Quintano's super stylish Spaghetti savoured shoot 'em up! Robust widescreen performances from, Ed Lauter, William Forsythe, Jonathan Banks, a rousing, playfully Morricone'd score by, George S. Clinton, bone dry badinage, an abundance of slo-mo bullet-blasted action makes the entertainingly rough n' tumbleweed 'Dollar For The Dead' (1998) worth its weight in gold! While this is quite plainly a loving tribute to maestros, Sergio Corbucci and Sergio Leone, Quintano's witty, hugely likeable western has a dynamite personality all of its very own, and it was additionally lovely to see Euro-cult legend, Simón Andreu as slick hombre, Akers. A feature-packed Blu-ray restoration of this kinetic western is LONG OVERDUE as its ignominious relegation to bargain-binned DVD collections is wholly undeserved!!!

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    From the director of LOADED WEAPON 1? Sign me up!
    Why would anybody watch a scum show like Videodrome? Why did you watch it, Max?


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      I quite liked this back in the day of VHS. I feel a revisit is in order.
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