If y'all only ever Sasquatch one woolly headed Bigfoot movie do make sure it's, Harry Winer's 70s cult classic, 'The Legend of Bigfoot' (1975). This rough-hewn, yet strangely compelling pseudo documentary about the rock star cryptid successfully immerses the avid, and, perhaps, more forgiving Bigfoot fanatic deep within the furthest flung, breathtakingly picturesque vistas of America's wildest, and inhospitable frontiers! Our endearing host, Ivan Marx, the enthusiastic explorer, nature-loving narrator, and amateur cryptozoologist takes serious Sasquatch celebrants on a fascinating, occasionally intimate trek into the mythical stomping grounds of this elusive, ill smelling, infamously hirsute, mountain-bred, pot culture icon!

Frequently, and somewhat unkindly disparaged as unworthy Yeti Forgetti, just another cheap, opportunistic example of disposable Hicksploitation, I find there's an edifying quality to, Ivan Marx's earnest odyssey into Sasquatch country! No doubt contrived, occasionally awkward, and cinematically rudimentary, Harry Winer's unsophisticated mise-en-scène, undimmed by time, maintains a singularly inspirational quality, whether you are turned on by cryptids, extraterrestrials or supernatural shenanigans, this psychotronic treat is a fun ride! Composer, Don Peake's evocative score is delightful, effectively softening the rougher edges. While the film's aesthetic shortcomings have been all too vociferously documented, its innate charm, warmly captivating nature footage, and positive celebration of the searching human spirit is rarely mentioned. Bigfoot fetishists can finally rejoice as, Harry Winer's engaging curiosity is currently availible as a spiffing bonus feature on AGFA's sublime 'Godmonster of Indian Flats' Blu-ray.

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