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    The tech has really advanced in the last 13 years, Cameron's writing? No so much.

    This is just a continuation. And, the: 'Here's another race, let's prove we can work together and be friends thing' took far far too long. An hour could have chopped out - and the movie would only have better in its pacing and story-telling. Far too much SFX show-boating.

    Other random thoughts:

    -- The plot is Avatar meets Born Free via Star Trek IV: Save The Whales by way of Dr. Dolittle.

    -- Interesting that both Avatar 2 and Black Panther 2 have a focus on Sea People (Talokan in BP2)

    -- The inter-breeding here reminded me of Ana Stelline, the Replicant/Human hybrid in BLADE RUNNER 2049

    -- James Cameron can still direct action, but he really needs stronger co-writers. Especially, with dialogue

    -- James Horner is missed. His theme is still here, but Simon Franglen's score is generic.

    --- The HDR isn't as noticeable in 3D. When I flipped off my glasses, I noticed the 'video' look more.

    Overall, it's ok, but, really just a fancy super-expensive "sequel". Not really excited about future sequels

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    Even though I may never see it I'm still fascinated by this series and following this films progress closely. Speaking as a small, bitter man I'm disappointed to see it do so well. If there's an ego I'd like to see popped I think Cameron's would be near the top of the list. Rat bastard is flying higher than ever though... Curse him.

    I only saw the original from start to finish recently. Apart from the kids cartoons the film it mostly reminded me of was the Star Wars film with the ewoks. Primitives with bows and arrows triumphing in battle against an organised Sci fi military with assault weapons. Thought it was shit the first time round and the years have not mellowed my view.

    I am surprised that the adult population of the world is so willing to watch an animation Sci fi film. If you're a boffin no doubt the tech is exciting but why does anyone else care? Speaking even as someone who spent all day yesterday wrestling with 3ds Max I can say that the reasons why Avatars visuals are special are above my head. Just looks Iike any number of video game animatics to me.
    "Never let the fact that they are doing it wrong stop you from doing it right." Hyman Mandell.