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'The Uranium Conspiracy' (1978) - Menahem Golan.

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  • 'The Uranium Conspiracy' (1978) - Menahem Golan.

    Unjustly neglected, 'The Uranium Conspiracy' is a surprisingly effective, entertainingly brawny, teeth-rattlingly Testi, transglobal thriller from the gifted exploitation filmmaker, Menahem Golan. This compelling B-picture remains a terrific, testosterone-fuelled action-fest, robustly fortified by yet another muscular performance from the dangerously lithe, strikingly sinewy Giallo icon, Fabio Testi, who excels at cutting a swarthy-svelte dash, whilst stylishly slapping the holy funk 'outta any poor skell with a savagely balletic grace! AS the hellaciously hunky hero, Renzo, the fabulously fleet-fisted Fabio Testi gets to righteously dude-slap the mouldering Christ out of all manner of preternaturally sweaty, nefariously Uranium-heisting creeps as the winningly pulpy script thunders breathlessly to its exhilarating climax! A rollicking, old school espionage yarn that not only boisterously proves Golan was a competent action director, but also rigidly cements, Fabio Testi's lofty position as one of the more charismatic, rough an' tumble leading men of the 70s; and I genuinely feel a comprehensive retrospective of his uniquely dashing Alpha Dude' heroics is LONG overdue! 'The Uranium Conspiracy' comes highly recommended, and would be a perfectly bellicose companion piece to some J&B, and another no less lemon zesty Testi actioner of the period!

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    Lemon zesty Testi.
    Why would anybody watch a scum show like Videodrome? Why did you watch it, Max?