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'Area of Conflict' (2017) – Tino Christian Von Struckmann.

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  • 'Area of Conflict' (2017) – Tino Christian Von Struckmann.

    The conspicuously low budget, stupefyingly schlocky, sub-Seagalian shoot 'em up, 'Area of Conflict' proves itself to be a wearily noisome, cliche-clotted clusterfunk of meat-headed mediocrity, that only infrequently stumbles guilelessly into the bemusingly trashy no man's land of (very) Bad Movie excellence!!! The penurious 'plot' finds our singularly unlikeable, hypertensive squad of dimwitted, steroid-stuffed 'soldiers' being tasked to seek and destroy some shadowy paramilitary skells deep in darkest Eastern Europe, only to discover that they have rapidly become the slow-moving prey to some ferociously fleet-footed, fearlessly forest-flitting assassin! Area of Conflict's sole beacon of lissome luminosity is the strikingly sinuous, fabulously fiesty, kill 'em all intensity of pleasingly perky, pistol packing Amazon, Annika Pampel as the blissfully blood-thirsty, one woman army, Sdanka!

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