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RIP Bill Olsen( AKA Banana Man/Code Red)

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    Originally posted by Jason C View Post
    I wish I could remember which DVD had that Sewage Cinema menu. It was discussed on years ago but it appears they are defunct now.
    man, I too wish you could remember it ... have to see it now!

    the only thing I can remember are those god awful unskippable blu-ray intros he tortured us with + when he released that ultra obscure giallo on bru-lay (pretty high on my wish list back then) and ruined it by adding odd computer sound effects during the most important scene in the movie.


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      Bill used the, "Septic Cinema" menu stuff with, "Night Child" and "Encounters with the Unknown/Where time Began". Possibly others.

      Bill was alright, het got a lot of stuff released. I didn't care that he didn't seem to like the films he released, i was just glad he did what he did. Something he should have done earlier on is ignored the trolls, as once he started over-reacting....

      I also recall ordering from one of his handles on Amazon Marketplace, a DVD release he apparently pulled due to people bitching, and on the invoice, whose name? Bill's! I recall a few other people catching that, with the way Amazon delivered Marketplace purchase information, and Bill denying it.... C'mon Bill, how many people have your first and last name, selling some Code Red shit on Amazon Marketplace? lol...

      He was a character, and most all of his releases I enjoyed. Messiah of Evil getting a proper release, Nightmares in a Damaged Brain, Shakma... When I take into account the positives and the negatives, the positives outweigh it all. I only had 2 e-mail exchanges with him, many years ago, both times were brief, to the point, and since I wasn't being an asshole to him, he wasn't an asshole to me. So, he was fine with answering a few questions I had 10+ years ago through e-mail.

      Oh, another gripe about him, the Butcher Baker Nightmare Maker, "THIS IS NEVER GETTING A BLU-RAY RELEASE, SO BUY THE DVD!". I recall posting either here, or DVD Maniacs, that if he is going this route, since I'd rather buy a Blu-ray of it, I don't want to see some months after I buy a damn DVD the Blu-ray getting released. I think he waited a few years and then cranked out a Blu-ray of it, which I did buy.... Fair enough.

      Bill had a weird way of doing business at times, but, the positives outweighed the negatives. At least for me.

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        Thank you Dick. That Septic Cinema thing has been driving me crazy. I put in more than a dozen discs looking for it.


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          who is the guy in the toilet ... johnny depp in his willy wonka outfit?


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            Originally posted by killer must kill again View Post
            who is the guy in the toilet ... johnny depp in his willy wonka outfit?
            I'm pretty sure it's one of the characters in one of the stories from the anthology film, "Encounters with the Unknown".

            Also, I could be wrong, but if I recall correctly Bill or someone posted someplace explaining the, "Septic Cinema" thing. We're talking 10 or more years ago, about something I hadn't thought of in ages, so my memory may be a bit foggy concerning the exacts as to the, "Why" of it. Anyway, I think it had something to do with whomever provided the funding, for certain releases. It had something to do with money from another party, not Bill, I am pretty sure, as I recall Bill, or someone saying something about how he/Bill was still obliged to have X amount of other titles under the, "Septic Cinema" banner. It could all be, well, bullshit, but that's what I recall. Something with money from another party wanting, I guess for giggles, certain titles under, "Septic Cinema".

            The "Septic Cinema" thing never bothered me as it did some other people. I recall when I first saw it being like, "Okey Dokey....", and then I moved on. Bill was a character, and not much surprised me with him.
            Dick Ringeisen
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              More about, "Septic Cinema".

              After my post above, I searched and found one of Bill's posts about it. He said it had something to do with a contract. So, straight from Bill's mouth, on the Latarnia Forums, in 2011: