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Interviewing Giancarlo Esposito this weekend

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  • Interviewing Giancarlo Esposito this weekend

    I have the good fortune of handling an interview with this amazing actor, this weekend in a live setting in Salt Lake City at a convention.

    Given his huge and diverse body of work, I'm sure he has fans here. I love his films like BOB ROBERTS and FRESH, etc and of course his work with Spike Lee. I'm sure all the audience questions are going to be regarding THE MANDALORIAN and BREAKING BAD/BETTER CAL SAUL, but I also wanted to give my fellow film geeks here a shot over the bow in case some of you had a good question.

    I'm super prepared, but am interested about what some of you would ask him if you were across the table.

    Anyone interested in seeing it, I'm sure it's going to be on YouTube after the weekend. I've done a lot of interviews with film makers, but this one has me particularly excited. Absolutely love his work.

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    Ask him if he's got any good Walken or Ferrera stories from when he worked on King Of New York! Pretty early in his career but it had to have been an interesting experiecne.
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      I'd ask him about distinguishing between film/TV and theatre work. It seems his juiciest roles are on TV, so is it a challenge to make his film roles as memorable as they are given the comparatively short screen time available in a film compared to episodic TV, and how does he feel about theatre acting and reacting to a live audience, is it different and would he do more of it if he had time?
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        Kings....yup I am including that as well as BOB ROBERTS.

        And yup...totally going into process regarding the dif between tv, film, and stage.

        Thx y'all!


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          Ian scooped me as I'm also wondering about his role and experience shooting King of New York. He's also very memorable as Buggin' in Do the Right Thing.


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            Ask him how he prepped for his role in MAXIMUM OVERDRIVE.

            I'm just kidding, that's amazing that you get to interview him. I'm a big fan of his.