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‘Revenge!’(1971) aka. ‘Terror in The House’ - Sidney Hayers.

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  • ‘Revenge!’(1971) aka. ‘Terror in The House’ - Sidney Hayers.

    Stalwart filmmaker, Sidney Hayers relentlessly raises the teeth-grinding tension to a murderously-fevered pitch in his strikingly brutal, emotionally raw, uniquely British 70s suburban revenge classic, ‘Terror in The House aka ‘Revenge!’. A young girl is abducted and killed by a vile predator, and once the victim's grief-stricken family furiously enact their righteous revenge they descend inexorably into a dismal existential miasma of blinding rage, bloody retribution and crippling emotional despond!

    Director Hayers coaxes tremendously vivid, full-blooded performances from his singularly game cast of film & TV icons, scintillatingly sleek Glamourpuss, Joan Collins, James Booth, and esteemed character actor, Kenneth Griffith twitchily puts in a career best as the disgustingly seedy sex-fiend Seely! This is a long-cherished, excitingly mounted, unflinchingly dark British psychodrama that I never once expected to see so gloriously manifested on Blu-ray, and in this delightfully pristine, lovingly rendered version,‘Revenge!' is entirely deserving of an equally brand new, hopefully no less adoring audience! With an exemplary script by 'Saint' screenwriter John Kruse, sterling performances, an engagingly grim tone, plus a fine score by Eric Rogers, this gritty, downbeat 70s thriller remains one remarkably tough thrill-spiller that has lost little of its formidable dramatic impact.

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