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'Nightmaster' (1988) – Mark Joffe.

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  • 'Nightmaster' (1988) – Mark Joffe.

    The fiesty, flame-haired, perfectly pale, high-kicking karate Kidman sho' got my Dojo rising in the amusingly scrappy 80s Ninja down under actioner 'Nightmaster'. While it might frequently feel more like cosplay than Shaw Bros it still energetically exudes its own bizarro B-movie vibe, having an amusingly stock villain in the grimacing guise of Steve Beck (Vince Martin) the student's secretively coked-up sensei, misguidedly indoctrinating his eager fist-fighting flock with zealously militant might is right doggerel.

    Anonymously set in some nondisclosed future, these athletic Ninja-obsessed teenaged ragers instigated a decidedly combative extracurricular 'game', wherein our perky, PJ-clad Sho Kosugi wannabees enact a somewhat less fatal Battle Royale in a vast rundown warehouse to earn the coveted status of 'champion'. Amiable enough, 'Nightmaster' doesn't deliver the same level of addictively kinetic craziness as the gonzo works by antipodean action-maestro Brian Trenchard-Smith, yet it is not without a modicum of wacky charm, plus the frantically Ninja-festooned finale proved exhilarating, and outside of the delightfully fuzz-headed Kidman being cuter than a preternaturally cuddlesome baby Koala, Mark Joffe's terrific TeenNinja actioner sizzles with a surprisingly funky new wave score!

    'These Teenaged Student Ninja Turkey's 'aint chicken!' - Weirdlingwolf.

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