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'Supergirl' (1984) - Jeannot Szwarc.

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  • 'Supergirl' (1984) - Jeannot Szwarc.

    An unfairly maligned mainstream 80s feature, gifted genre director Jeannot Szwarc's often spectacular 'Supergirl' is a rousing, unabashedly 80s, frequently fun, delightfully wholesome family-friendly adventure with a truly dazzling array of colourful practical effects, further enlivened by a no less electrifying turn from a heroically high-camp, immaculately imperious Faye Dunaway as the exquisitely evil, flame-haired, word-domineering sorceress Selene! While much has already been said about comedy legend Peter cook's often mannered portrayal as mischievous maths teacher/magus Nigel, but these occasionally stiff line readings belie a acid demeanour which pleasingly adds a weird contrast to Dunaway's broad, pitch perfect pantomime villainy! The beautiful, fresh-faced Helen Slater is utterly adorable as the toffee apple sweet, skyborne saviour 'Supergirl'. Film icon Peter O'Toole is energetic, if underutilized, and playfully vivacious Brenda Vaccaro is a consistently deadpanning delight as sinister Selene's sardonic, soft-headed stooge. Still proving remarkably sprightly for its 2 hr running time, with frequent flashes of genuine humour, and vivid, eye-popping action throughout, maestro Szwarc's 'Supergirl' remains an endearingly cuddly superhero yarn.

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    I have the original Anchor Bay 2 disc set. I saw this in a theater (by myself, since no one in my family wanted to see it), so I have now seen all 3 cuts of the movie. I enjoyed it more than others, I guess. Helen Slater is very cute in the role.


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      It is pretty weak, even if it has some charms along the edges. Later on, I got to work with both Director Jeannot Szwarc (a real peach) and Helen Slater (a sweetie). Enjoyed their company very much.