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'Operation Delta Force 2: Mayday' (1997) - Yossi Wein.

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    The Silly Swede
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  • The Silly Swede
    I own all five Operation Delta Force films on DVD. They are quite awful, but in a somewhat fun way. I like how extremely unpretentious they are, even the opening credits are in the cheapest font available, and I like that they were shot on 35mm which makes them look better then modern films with fifty times the budget.

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  • Weirdlingwolf
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  • 'Operation Delta Force 2: Mayday' (1997) - Yossi Wein.

    Initially somewhat of an unknown quantity to me, Yossi Wein ultimately proves himself to be a more than capable action director, flexing some seriously steely celluloid muscle in his excitingly bullet-blasted, gallopingly Gung ho, Kill'em all 90s Alpha-fest 'Operation Delta Force 2'. And this pleasingly noisome sequel to the curiously neglected, no less bellicose 'Operation Delta Force' has an equally exhilarating, palpably sweaty, rewardingly OTT Canon Films vibe. The darkly charismatic J. Kenneth Campbell energetically puts in a truly dynamite performance as the amusingly glib, deliciously dastardly, ominously Poe-quoting, Nuclear sub stealing terrorist skeezer 'Lukash'. I'm genuinely perplexed that this boisterously camo-shredding, ordinance overloaded shoot 'em up doesn't get mentioned more often, since it really is a rather fine six-pack friendly, six-shooter and beer B-Movie classic! Not that my opinion will sway anyone remotely sensible, but I honestly dug part 2 a Teflon'd tad more than the 1st fiesty instalment of this fearlessly flag-waving America-uber-alles franchise. While the text is rarely better than perfunctory, the uniformly robust performances and consistently zesty action sequences are bona fide!

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