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'Eye For An Eye' aka 'The Poison Rose' (2019) – George Gallo.

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  • 'Eye For An Eye' aka 'The Poison Rose' (2019) – George Gallo.

    Granted, the egregious-looking poster art looks faker than Travolta's leonine locks, but George 'Midnight Run' Gallo's surprisingly slick retro-Noir thriller is actually quite an entertaining, old school private eye mystery. Certainly not in the same refined league as 'Laura' or 'Farewell, my lovely' et al., but the appetizing fact that the frequently lively text adheres so respectfully to the forties archetype of dangerously duplicitous, distractingly leggy femme fatales, and the amusingly labyrinthine plot is generously garlanded with nefarious dope deals, no less corrupt business practice, and a master Machiavellian supervillain, this terminally toxic nest of vipers proves troublesome for likeable, but questionably lugubrious fuzz-faced, ex-football star, turned dipso, private dick Carson Phillips (John Travolta) to stoically circumnavigate.

    To be entirely objective, Gallo cannily assembled a jolly fine cast, and, somewhat unexpectedly, the fuzz-faced Travolta is on pretty decent form here, plus there's some delightfully playful shtick at the beginning of the film which may, or may not be a sly reference to Altman's skewed noir 'The Long Goodbye', but the wholly unexpected treat proved to be Brendan Fraser's outrageously camp, deliciously deviant turn as the eminently despicable Dr. Miles Mitchell, unleashing a winningly eccentric, convincingly perverse performance of bombastic, Ollie Reed-like intensity! Okay!! Okay!! this 'aint exactly 'L.A. Confidential', but, for me, as a left-field, totally blind, undemanding B-Movie watch, 'The Poison Rose' had a sweeter bouquet than I initially expected!

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