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'Avalanche' (1974) Frederic Goode.

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  • 'Avalanche' (1974) Frederic Goode.

    I really enjoyed this one! Especially edifying is the exhilaratingly funky choonage by music maestros John Shakespeare & Derek Warne, these gifted fellows also composed the no less dynamic score to 'Killer's Moon'. 'Avalanche' is probably the most visually spectacular CFF (Children's Film Foundation) effort I have thus far seen, as the uncommonly beauteous, absurdly picturesque Austrian vistas are a constant delight to behold! Viewers will enjoy the increasingly precarious travails of a boisterous group of likeable, clean cut kiddie-winks who distressingly discover their playful wintry larks being glacially kiboshed by the dastardly descent of a mean old avalanche!!! Gadzooks!!! Well made, briskly paced, this high altitude, mild attitude, wholesomely nostalgic family film still delivers some rousingly entertaining Saturday matinee jollies!!! Huzzah!!!!! It's snow joke, but Ice just love a fluffy avalanche flick!

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    Gee-whiz, sounds like a real humdinger!
    Why would anybody watch a scum show like Videodrome? Why did you watch it, Max?