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'Bullet To Beijing' (1995) – George Mihalka.

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  • 'Bullet To Beijing' (1995) – George Mihalka.

    This somewhat neglected roustabout 90s espionage actioner with Sir Michael Caine and Jason Connery zestfully delivers some rewardingly locomotive boy's own entertainment! Stolid, if unremarkable director Mihalka's pleasingly boisterous 'Bullet To Beijing' happily remains a shadowy, entertainingly brisk, St. Petersburg-set thriller, and the engagingly picturesque Russian locations greatly enhance the experience! While the assured acting, alacritous pacing, pleasingly jocular tone, and overall film making is pretty terrific, sadly, Rick Wakeman's almost lifeless, formulaic score is a major demerit. Otherwise, this is a frequently entertaining, albeit undemanding, double-dealing cold war thriller. Granted, I was ALWAYS more team Palmer than team Bond, but, with that being said,'Bullet To Beijing' should prove to be an agreeably escapist diversion to spy fans with more forgiving natures! And it must also be noted that the estimable Thespian Michael Gambon is evilly understated as the Machiavellian mastermind Alexei Alexeyevich! While not exactly a bullseye, 'Bullet To Beijing' is still worth a shot!

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