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'Cry Tough' (1959) – Paul Stanley.

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  • 'Cry Tough' (1959) – Paul Stanley.

    Director Paul Stanley's sweltering, excitingly mounted, street tough 50s crime drama 'Cry Tough' finds huskily handsome juvenile jailbird Miguel's (John Saxon) earnest attempts to go straight erotically thwarted by his doomed attraction to feisty femme fatal Sarita (Linda Cristal). 'Cry Tough' is a jazzy, hip little, jive-talking crime flick wherein the sordidly oppressive mid-summer heat of the barrio is doubled by the volatile sparks generated by the sultry sin-siren Cristal and her broody, twin-fisted stud Saxon! The film's terse climax is genuinely exciting, and 'Cry Tough' has a big enough heart for you to care about the misbegotten fates of these tormented, hard luck lovers! 'There 'aint nuthin shakin' but the bacon, and that's already taken!' Amen, sister Sarita!!!!

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