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'A Window in London' (1940) – Herbert Mason.

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  • 'A Window in London' (1940) – Herbert Mason.

    Herbert Mason's lustily performed, enjoyably light-hearted romantic thriller 'A Window in London' still retains its effervescence, being a vibrantly written, engagingly brisk, warmly nostalgic cinematic treat! This frequently refined vintage entertainment documents some truly evocative moments along with its beguilingly monochrome views of 1940s London! And certainly no less appetising is the vivacious, and disarmingly pretty Sally Gray who makes for an especially charming, drop-dead gorgeous heroine! With her crisply moustachioed, monstrously arrogant, ferociously jealous illusionist hubby brought to meticulous life by Paul Lukas, who energetically portrays the picture-perfect pantomime villain Louis Zoltini with a deft Lugosian panache! Far from primitive, Mason's pristine 'A Window in London' is not only a fascinating window into a bygone Britain, it also maintains lively interest as a pleasingly whimsical, sweetly romantic, deliciously theatrical romp in its own right, and while the tall, almost absurdly photogenic Michael Redgrave is, perhaps, a trifle miscast as the cavalier, rough-handed cockney crane driver, he nonetheless remains a sympathetic lead, whose gallantly dramatic intervention playfully heralds an eventful jaunt across the picturesque diorama of 1940s London.

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