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'The Octagon' (1980) – Eric Karson.

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  • 'The Octagon' (1980) – Eric Karson.

    Action impresario Eric Karson's still-scintillating, skull-cracking martial arts sensation 'The Octagon' arguably remains the lodestone of any comprehensive 80s Ninja collection! And vintage VHS-era whup-ass doesn't get any hotter, as the bruising beat-downs in 'The Octagon' make the catastrophic meltdown at Chernobyl look like a sloppy ice cream cone compared to the scorching he-man heat Chuck Norris generates annihilating his sinister, shadow-stalking assailants, his devastatingly slick, Ninja-baiting supremacy reaching a delirious alpha apogee in the mesmerizing martial arts maelstrom that brings cult classic 'The Octagon' to a satisfyingly brutal conclusion.

    The majestically moustachioed, heroically hirsute martial arts messiah Chuck Norris is on electrifying fleet-fisted form as the black-clad, Ninja neutralizing hero Scott James! Scott's savage sinews are titanium tough tendrils of terrorist trashing terror! Norris's preternaturally powerful punches have the world-wasting impetus of an apocalyptic asteroid! And while it has been suggested that almighty god fashioned the myriad marvels of the earth in 7 back-breaking days, sensei Chuck Norris could readily manifest an ice age with one roundhouse kick! Chuck Norris famously karate chopped a full-grown Yeti into spaghetti! He's saltier than the Red Sea! And Chuck still eats his man-sized breakfasts off a tectonic plate! He's the original triumphant Ninja-slayer, and Eric Karson's 'The Octagon' remains an exhilarating, terrifically entertaining, tibia-trashing testament to Chuck's legendary status as the beloved bearded Baron of B-Movie bellicosity, the righteously reigning patriarch of pugilistic perfection! And kudos to Anchor Bay for producing such a pristine-looking Blu-ray!

    'The whys and wherefores don’t matter. You wanted a man for this mission, and now you’ve got one!'

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