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My benign take on 'Highlander: The Source' (2007) – Brett Leonard.

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  • My benign take on 'Highlander: The Source' (2007) – Brett Leonard.

    Running contrary to the mewling multitudes of whiny, neg-headed diatribes levelled against 'Highlander: The Source', my benign take on it proved somewhat less reactionary, as I frequently found this energized B-Movie's bravura bellicosity to be an entertaining diversion, and while the sketchier elements of the patchy script and the singular casting choices admittedly leave a great deal to be desired, Brett Leonard's explosive Sci-Fantasy actioner sporadically generates a pulverizing Albert Pyunesque impetus, thereby allowing this agreeably action-packed Dystopian fantasy flick to boisterously overcome its more obvious shortcomings.

    My main grievances were with Adrian Paul's frustratingly disengaged Duncan McLeod, sadly making for a muted, persistently glum immortal, the rather indelicately Blue-screened climax proved underwhelming, and the excessively busy post production on some of the fight scenes softened their overall impact. Plainly no masterpiece, and there is some validity to the claims of its cinematic superfluity, but Brett Leonard's 'Highlander The Source' does exist, and taken as a quick fix of late-night boozy Dystopian fantasy hokum, it's an amusing, if unsophisticated time killer. And, frankly, no film is ever without aesthetic merit if it is handsomely blessed with the engaging presence of the luminously luscious Thekla Reuten! For the sake of full disclosure, I am not a Highlander fan boy, I haven't seen the series, and the incoherent, hugely disappointing 'Highlander II' is a less than fond memory, but I genuinely revere trashy B-Movies, the shonkier, the better, and 'Highlander: The Source' playfully pushed my B-Movie buttons in an agreeably forthright manner!

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