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'Future Force' (1989) David A. Prior.

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  • 'Future Force' (1989) David A. Prior.

    Legendary bad movie maestro Robert Carradine's street tough, dystopian Sci-fighter double-kill finally blasts its bellicose way onto HD!!!! When electronically-enhanced Thug-Trasher Tucker (Robert Carradine) activates his death-dealing bionic appendage the result will be nothing less than full metal carnage!!!! Prolific B-cult icon Carradine is a hellacious hoot in David A. Prior's low-tech, high- testosterone 80s trash-fest! For additional psychotronic seasoning,the scintillatingly screwball cyber-celluloid 'Future Force' (1989) also features ubiquitous, chrome-domed screen heavy Robert Tessier and underappreciated Z-action super-dude William 'Order of The Eagle' Zipp! - 'This fearless future cop is about to make crime a thing of the past!'

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