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'Who Needs Enemies' (2013) - Peter Stylianou.

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  • 'Who Needs Enemies' (2013) - Peter Stylianou.

    'Who Needs Enemies' (2013) - Peter Stylianou.

    After my second viewing, I strongly feel that Peter Stylianou's pleasingly gritty, blissfully expletive-laden UK gangster flick is entirely worthy of undiscovered midnight movie gem status! The increasingly warped entertainment value is largely due to the delicious vulgarity of Kris Johnson's feral performance as the sublimely unfiltered sociopathic thug Chris! Along with the bizarrely unheralded trash classic 'Dagenham' (2018), Peter Stylianou's hilariously potty-mouthed 'Who Needs Enemies' is due major B-Movie props, and some of the bants are propah next level funny, mayte! This is clearly more Mail on Sunday sleaze than studied Jean-Pierre Melville cool, but there's an undeniably spirted quality to the lad's performances, and an unrepentantly lurid savour to the text that effectively raised these insalubrious underworld shenanigans to that of a potential B-cult!

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