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Review of 'His Name was Madron' (1970) – Jerry Hopper.

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  • Review of 'His Name was Madron' (1970) – Jerry Hopper.

    Jerry Hopper's Israel-shot savagely sun-baked spaghetti western 'His Name was Madron' (1970) is an amiable adventure with grizzled, gun-happy brigand Madron (Richard Boone) and kindly, but ever resourceful nun Sister Mary (Leslie Caron) making for an engaging ill-matched pair of travellers, fractiously bound together upon their increasingly desperate journey to a save haven beyond the ever encroaching threat of mercilessly vengeful Apache Warrior Sam Red!

    Comparisons to Siegal's beloved 'Two Mules for Sister Sarah' are inevitable, but the delightful Riz Ortolani score, and his memorable theme 'Till Love Touches Your Life' certainly lends 'His Name was Madron' some additional appeal. The burly charismatic character actor Paul L. Smith makes the most of his all-too brief cameo, and while the amorous sparks never fully ignite between hard-bitten loner Madron and his nun sexier companion Sister Mary their lively performances are likeable enough, with the tall, crag-faced Boone making for a convincingly capable, sharp-shooting outlaw whose calloused trigger finger is fatefully softened by Mary's healing hands! As a scintillating aside, Leslie Caron's dazzlingly lustrous, delectably dark chestnut hair is a truly ravishing sight; Hell!!?? it's more than enough to happily lead a God-fearing man like me off the path of righteousness! Amen!!!!!

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