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What the world needs now is a Charles Bronson thread.

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  • What the world needs now is a Charles Bronson thread.

    So here it is, and the world is now a better place.

    Bronson, more than most other 'action movie guys' connects with me for whatever reason in ways that the others generally don't. I don't know if it's his kind of weary face and weathered look that gives him more humanity and therefore vulnerability (in turn maybe making his characters more believable and/or sympathetic) or what, but the dude is a bad ass and he deserves your love.

    With that said, has anyone seen the Sony MOD release of release of Stone Killer?

    The Warner Archive site, which carries it, lists:

    Studio: SONY
    Screen Aspect: 16 X 9 FULL FRAME
    Run Time: 95 minutes
    Special Features: Audition Footage; Deleted Scenes with Optional Commentary; Director, Writer and Producer commentary

    Packaging Type: Amaray Case
    Subtitle Languages: Chinese Traditional

    I'm going to guess 16x9 fullframe means 1.78.1 widescreen - but does this really have audition footage and a commentary?

    Click image for larger version

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    That man wears the hell out of a top hat.


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      I talked a co-worker into watching Master Of The World today based primarily on the fact that he does wear a top hat in that movie.

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        My STONE KILLER is on order, but has not arrived!

        MUST HAVE! I knew nothing about audio comms and such. Even more excited now.

        In other news, here is SCARY TALES #2 (oct 1975), where the artist was clearly using photos of Bronson as reference for a character:


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          Oh wow. That's pretty neat. Do me a favor and let me know how Stone Killer shapes up when it arrives? I have the R2 but will upgrade for a good commentary.
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            Watched Death Wish II last night for the first time in a while. It holds up, pretty sleazy stuff. Not the classic the 1st movie is or as nutty as the 3rd but a good, solid revenge movie and Bronson is tough as nails in it. Dude is just cold as ice once he gets into 'vigilante mode.' Vincent Gardenia's part just seems kind of crammed into the movie simply just to have him in the movie though.
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              I watched FAREWELL, FRIEND on the Wild East dvd (it's paired with RIDER ON THE RAIN). It's a twisty Japrisot vet buddy crime caper, with Alain Delon. Bronson pimps his girlfriend on a garage turntable, and does a neat meniscus trick. Several kinds of great.


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                How's the video quality on that disc, Barry? I had it in my Amazon shopping cart last week but didn't pull the trigger as sometimes Wild Easts' stuff doesn't look so hot.
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                  I have the dvd as Honor Among Thieves. I don't remember too much about it, but I know I enjoyed it.


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                    I haven't watched RIDER yet (looking forward to it), but FAREWELL looked fine. There've been other F,F releases in widescreen in R2, but this is the first R1 that isn't full-frame, I think. No complaints.

                    I hope RIDER looks as good.

                    EDIT: I'm wrong, the Lionsgate HONOR R1 is 1.66:1 anamorphic, although a review says it looks more like 1.78:1, so probably packaging error.

                    The R2 Optimum sounds like a great disc for RIDER ON THE RAIN: it has both the French & English versions.
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                      Thanks. I'll probably grab it then. I have one of the R2 releases but the inclusion of Rider makes this one tempting.
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                        Review of the Optimum RIDER ON THE RAIN:


                        I know I'd never watch the French version, but still, cool.


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                          Yeah, plump for the Optimum disc - it's excellent (great cover too).

                          I've not seen HONOUR AMONG THIEVES/FAREWELL, FRIEND but the inclusion of a meniscus trick makes it pretty much obligatory. Is Delon cool?


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                            Originally posted by Clive Smith View Post
                            Is Delon cool?
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                              That's right.