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So what'd you get lately?

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  • So what'd you get lately?

    DVD wise, I mean.

    Here's what I got over the last few days...

    Merantu Blu-ray
    Dispicable Me Blu-ray
    The American Blu-ray
    Up From The Depths/Demon Of Paradise
    Attack of the Crab Monsters/War of the Satellites/Not of This Earth
    WWE Bobby The Brain Heenan 2 Disc set
    El Mariachi/Desperado Blu-ray

    And a LOT of porn.
    Rock! Shock! Pop!

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    Up From The Depths/Demon Of Paradise....bastard

    El Mariachi/Desperado Blu-ray...prick!

    And a LOT of porn....triple snots!


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      I'm just happy to see the whack collection remains strong in this one...

      I've been trying to reclaim some library space, swapping out old VHS or DVD's for on-sale BR's. So that's stuff like:

      Christmas Vacation
      Leon/The Professional

      and so forth.
      It's not going to suck itself...


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        I actually just upgraded the original Vacation onto Blu not too long ago.


        Harsh Times Blu-ray
        WWE Top 50 Superstars of All Time
        Chainsaw Sally Show Vol. 1
        Vampire Circus Blu-ray
        There's Nothing Out There 2 Disc anniversary set
        Charlie Brown's Christmas Tales

        and more porn.
        Rock! Shock! Pop!


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          I just picked up the double pack of THE ENFORCER/SUDDEN IMPACT on Blu for dirt cheap. Which made me happy, because i have the first two in a double pack. Not really a SUDDEN IMPACT fan, but whatever. Looking forward to checking these out.


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            Give Sudden Impact another chance. I actually think its one of the better sequels.
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              I agree with Ian. Sudden Impact is my second favorite Harry movie. I love the sleazy bad guy.


              • #8
                I can see why some people don't like it. It's quite a bit harsher in some ways and the subject matter is unsettling. But Clint is bad ass in it and yeah, the villain is awesome. I saw it as a young kid (it's amaizng in hindsight my parents let me watch it) and it's really stuck with me.
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                  What villain? Isn't that the one with the group of people who rape that girl who reminds me of the Werewolf Woman chick? She's the main reason that i can't stand that film.


                  • #10
                    Same w/ me, Tolch - Sondra Locke makes me wanna throw up. Sick that Eastwood left his wife for her, too. She also tries to ruin Outlaw Josey Wales. I didn't like The Gauntlet so I can't blame her for that one.

                    OTOH, this was the first Dirty Harry film I saw in a theater (rather than at a drive-in). Apart from bringing the Auto-mag back to its rightful place, I don't care for it much.
                    It's not going to suck itself...


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                      the main bad guy who get impaled on fanciful unicorn. He was insane.


                      • #12
                        Well, at least I'm in good company with Nolando. :-). I'll give it another shot, but I really don't like her.


                        • #13
                          Howl (Blu-ray)
                          Rock! Shock! Pop!


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                            Originally posted by Mark Tolch View Post
                            Well, at least I'm in good company with Nolando. :-).
                            Darn tootin'.
                            It's not going to suck itself...


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                              Bastard Swordsman
                              Return of the Bastard Swordsman

                              Two Shaw Bros. films I've never seen.
                              Rock! Shock! Pop!