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    I know I'm extremely late to the party.

    The first 15 minutes (save for the fun opening credits) were so offputting I almost pulled out my remote. My favorite parts early on are when the bad guy and gal kept telling Deadpool to shut the F up! But, yes, there are some lines that eventually hit (I'd say about a quarter of them), and the sidekicks are amusing enough (my favorite line is when Deadpool notices that they are the ONLY two X-Men around!). The romance with Baccarin is about as 'realistic' a coupling as you are likely to see in a superhero movie (and I do mean that as a compliment). Still, by the end, it got a bit wearying. And, even with all the fourth wall breaking, it's still a fairly traditional superhero origin story despite the wisecracks. Deadpool makes fun of 'the Superhero landing' - and, then does many of the very same cliched moves. It's very much a having one's cake and eating it too situation - heaven forbid a superhero movie doesn't end with a massive orgy of violence and special effects.

    ** 1/2 Stars for me.


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      Late as well

      Deadpool (USA, 2016) [VoD] - 3/5
      I liked this more than I expected considering I quite often hate both superheroes and excessive post modernism. Deadpool is completely up its own ass, explaining its meta levels inside out so that even the dumbest viewer won't miss the jokes, and is generally afraid to do anything too clever or controversial. Admittedly that is the road to commercial success (see what happened to the excellent Spring Breakers, which is equally over-the-top but less vocal about being a meta-film). That being said, I had fairly decent time with Deadpool despite what it represents. Many of the idiotic jokes are amusing, the music is good, the storyline just about works, and even the normally mind numbingly boring superhero battles are sort of watchable.