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88 Films Releasing Lenzi's Man From Deep River

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  • 88 Films Releasing Lenzi's Man From Deep River

    They made this FB posting...

    "So let the controversy begin!

    We can announce we will be releasing Man from Deep River aka Deep River Savages on BD later this year as part of our 88 Italian line. There has been a lot of asking about cannibal carnage and we expect the BBFC will be unhappy about one or two of the genre's trademark animal sequences.

    Nevertheless we aim to make this an edition worth owning and hope that you will agree it is high time this former video nasty was returned to UK shelves!
    Have a great weekend!"

    I don't know how I feel about this. Theyr're UK based and therefore subject to BBFC rulings, but then Raro supposedly has this in the works and it'll probably be uncut... but then the 88 disc will probably win for features and transfer quality.

    What to do... what to do...

    I don't like to support cut releases.
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    I'll tell you what to do Ian. Forget about this release and get the Raro release. No cut release should be supported.


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      Not to mention that Dr. Douchebag's involvement.


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        The snake versus mongoose scene and the cockfight will almost certainly be cut. (I'm not so sure about the killing of the alligator and the scene with the monkey, given what the BBFC passed in CANNIBAL HOLOCAUST.)

        Personally, I think I'll stick with my French DVD release of this one, to be honest: I've no great desire to upgrade it to Blu, in any instance.
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          Wait Raro put this out?


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            Thanks for this thread, I had preordered the 88 Films blu ray of Man From Deep River, just cancelled my order, now that I know it's going to probably be cut, will pick up the Raro blu ray instead, I do not buy a cut version of a film when there is an uncut one on the way, and I am reluctant to even buy a cut version of a film under any circumstances.


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              I'll wait for the Raro but here's the cover art for the UK release.

              Click image for larger version

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                88's will have over 3minutes cut from it. BBFC cut all the animal mistreatment.

                source at lovelockandload posted it
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                  Oddly not quite all of it's gone, per Waddell on Twitter.

                  BBFC link
                  Waddell also gives this generous warning about one of the extras


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                    Not a fan of this one. Lenzi's weakest cannibal flick.
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                      I'll wait for an uncut version, I have this one on DVD from Shriek Show, and I'd rather have an uncut version on DVD than a cut version on Blu ray.


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                        So the Raro release, under the title Sacrifice, is out now as a direct buy from them but will get a wide release on 11/29.

                        However, if you 'like' them on FB and buy through their FB shop you can get the disc for 50% off using code LZ9RXUBNWVR7.

                        This does use the same scan as the 88 Films release, it's got some of that funky scanner noise we all know and love going on, but at least unlike the 88 release it looks to be uncut.
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                          Thanks for the heads up, was hoping to avoid all future Raro releases but I do like this film quite a bit and $17.50 shipped is not too bad.