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  • Kickstart BLOODY FRIDAY - Restoration campaign

    Dear Euro Cult afficionados,

    August 4, 1971: Two bank robbers stormed a bank, taking 18 hostages and demanded 2 Million Deutsche Mark in ransom. As word spread, nearly 5,000 bystanders had gathered in front of the bank to catch a glimpse of the savage stand-off. By nightfall, after tense negotiations, police provided the ransom and getaway car. The bandits stormed out of the the bank with a 19-year-old hostage, ready to flee the scene...

    This nerve-shattering event marked the first hostage-taking emergency in Germany after World War 2.

    Bloody Friday, was released one year after the actual event and was helmed by director Rolf Olsen, (The Last Ride To Santa Cruz, When Night Falls On The Reeperbahn) one of the leading German genre filmmakers of the 1960's and 1970's. Bloody Friday is widely considered by Euro-crime cinephiles, as his crowing achievement and one of the greatest Krimi films of its era. This Italian-German co-production stars Raimund Harmstorf, Amadeus August and Gianni Macchia. The soundtrack was composed by Euro-soundtrack fave Francesco De Masi.

    We're launching this 2K restoration to save Bloody Friday before it is lost forever.

    The original camera negative is damaged beyond repair. Missing frames, splices, tears, water damage, non-removable dirt and deep scratches. All available 35mm positive prints were printed on Kodak or Ferrania material that have faded over time. There are only 4 known positive prints left in existence, all with the same problems.
    We will use the intermediate positive for our restoration. This is a direct positive copy of the original negative and retains the accurate color representation. This is the second-best option in the case of a damaged camera negative and perfectly suitable for our DVD/Blu-ray release.
    The preservation of this film has been woefully neglected. We intend to step in before its too late.

    * This limited-edition 2-disc set of Bloody Friday will contain a Blu-ray, along with an NTSC DVD in English for our North American customers exclusive to Kickstarter.

    * Our German customers will receive the same Blu-ray with a PAL DVD, in German and will also be exclusive to this Kickstarter campaign.

    * To keep our costs down, one Blu-ray will be produced and will feature bi-lingual menu and chapter designs.

    * First time Bloody Friday will be available uncut and uncensored in America.

    * Includes both the English dub and the original German language, with newly created English subtitles.

    * The uncut version includes scenes never dubbed into English. If you are watching the film in the dubbed version, these new scenes we will include English subtitles.


    The release of Bloody Friday marks the debut of Subkultur Entertainments in the North America. Since bursting into the German market 5 years ago, Subkultur has gained enthusiastic praise from movie collectors, releasing deluxe editions of such films as Scanners, The Wanderers, Bullet Train, Silent Trigger and Don't Go In The House. Future titles are planned for North American release and we will continue to offer fans a wide range of European, Japanese and North American cult movies.
    This BD/DVD release of Bloody Friday will be produced by Elijah Drenner. No stranger to the world of wild cinema, Drenner has not only directed the acclaimed documentaries American Grindhouse and That Guy Dick Miller, but he has helped resurrect countless cult classics, helping them find the audiences they deserve. If you've ever spun Spider Baby, Death Spa or Raw Force on your home console -- then you have you no doubt seen the fruits of his labor.

    We appreciate any support to make the goal and to keep this marvelous gem alive in bloody high definition!

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    I'm going to help with this. Absolutely amazing film...Raimund Harmstorf really cuts it loose in his role. A Blu-ray of this film would be fantastic.
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      Highly appreciated. Thank you very much, Andrew.


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          You guys are great! Thank you very much!


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            Hi Heinz, will the film be getting a blu-ray release after the KS campaign finishes (assuming you meet your target)? Will the blu-rays be region coded? If not, although I live in England, would I be able to ask for the American version? Thanks.


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              Yes, the film will definitely get a BD release. One way or the other. If KS fails, we will do it anyway, but it will surely take a bit longer and not with all the planned extras.
              We hope to meet our goal to spend this masterpiece a unique treatment which is long overdue, and before it's too late.
              Since we're probably going for US and Germany at the same time, the discs will be region coded A/B and playable also in the UK without any problems.
              English dub as well as German dub with English subs will be included.


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                This looks great. I'm in.
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                  Thank you all for supporting our campaign!

                  We reached 36% today and are absolutely delighted how many of you are part of the campaign.
                  You're amazing, thank you very much.


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                    Thanks everyone for your support! We've raised 40% of our goal in just one week, but we still have a lot to go...

                    Some of you have asked about modifying a few of our more exciting cult titles as stand alone pledges, and we have listened. Starting today, we are offering single pledge options for both SWITCHBLADE SISTERS and DON'T GO IN THE HOUSE on Blu-ray!

                    Check out the Project Page for more info on these limited editions, available only here!




                    We are excited to announce that BLOODY FRIDAY cinematographer Franz X. Lederle has caught wind of our mission to restore the film and will be involved in the restoration and participate in an on-camera interview to discuss his work on the film!


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                      We raised 90%, which is just awesome.

                      A big thank you to all contributors at R!S!P!

                      Tomorrow comes a very nice update, which reveals a further extra. I'm sure, the fans will like it.


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                        I finally remembered to do this. Thanks for updating.


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                          92% are funded.

                          We can already feel it!

                          Thanks to everyone out there who made this possible.
                          But we're not through yet. Still 8% and 9 days are left before Heinz Klett and his crew can escape the scene.

                          Meanwhile, we can proudly announce the next extra and this is something very special. Gianni Macchia aka Luigi Belloni gave us a quite entertaining interview and is looking forward to the 100%.

                          The stage belongs to Gianni Macchia


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                            After watching Hot Traces Of St. Pauli the other night I am really looking forward to this one even more now.
                            Rock! Shock! Pop!


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                              If you enjoyed Hot Traces Of St. Pauli, you're gonna love Bloody Friday. Heinz Klett rules and Raimund Harmstof goes berserk in his role. Highly recommended treasure!