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    I went to see the restored Nucleus version at FrightFest, you won't be disappointed! The new footage is spread throughout the film, even includes a character completely removed from the theatrical cut, the quality is very nice and it matches well, no shifts in quality that i noticed. Had a few beers with Marc afterwards, he's got lots more goodies up his sleeve!

    The running time according to the BBFC [....who passed it uncut, even with that Chicken footage!] is 104m 25s

    Here's Marc and Jake being interview at FrightFest.


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      Some more info on the Cult Epics release popped up on FB.

      Click image for larger version

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        Ha, nice spin on selling what's objectively a worse product. "Yeah, another label is putting out the uncut edition fans have been wanting for ages, but don't buy that, because that's BORING!"


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            Cult Epics post has the stench of desperation all over it.

            Kind of boring...OK Cult Epics.


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              I don't even like this movie, but I contributed to the Nucleus restoration. When oh when is that coming out?


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                Should be shipping in a few weeks, end of month, early December.


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                  Pretty disappointed I sprung for the Cult Epics release before reading a review or even any word from someone that already had it. I really looks like a dvd from 1999.


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                    That really blows, although nto too surprising. I really do not understand why Cult Epics bothered.

                    I am not sure when the Nucleus discs will be shipped, I know last week they were still finishing LADY F and looking for images for the photo gallery.
                    May not get these til next year but I'd wait until 2019...these are both going to be exceptional releases.


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                      An update from Nucleus:

                      One of the reasons things have taken so long is the sheer amount of extras we've sourced and created for each title . Here's a final list of everything that will be on the Death Laid an Egg Disc:

                      Complete and restored 104m director's cut

                      Complete and restored 91m "giallo" cut

                      Italian and English 24 bit PCM

                      Audio Commentary with Alan Jones and Kim Newman

                      Optional English Subtitles for both versions

                      Featurette 1 - Discovering Questi (20 mins)

                      Featurette 2 - Sonic Explorations (24 mins)

                      Archive Interview with Giulio Questi (13 mins)

                      Antonio Bruschini - Film Review (5 mins)

                      BBFC film cuts (1969)

                      European Trash Cinema: "Death Laid an Egg" issue

                      Gallery 1 - Promotional Materials

                      Gallery 2 - Home Video Cover Scans

                      English opening credits

                      German opening credits

                      English trailer

                      Italian trailer + English subtitles

                      Limited Indiegogo edition also includes:

                      Contributor Credits (if you ordered for that perk)

                      Limited slip case, individually numbered

                      Limited set of 5 postcards
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                          Mock up for the Nucleus release (taken from their twitter feed).

                          Click image for larger version

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                            Click image for larger version

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                              New update:

                              Final sleeve design proofs!

                              Yes, another update - we thought you'd like to see our final sleeve designs for both titles, with the limited edition slip cases. We hope you like them as much as we do!

                              Marc & Jake, Nucleus Films Ltd



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                                Looks great, can't wait. We just need a street date now...