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    I also wanted to like it but it didn't work.


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      The Italian cut on the BD is definitely in SD PAL. It's got nice colors, and looks generally nice, taking into account the fact that it's SD. The German cut is HD, but it's clearly taken from a print (complete with reel change markers). Colors are faded and it looks generally soft. That said, based on the quick comparison that I did (as well as the comparison featurette on the disc), it has some added violence in the first killing. Actually, the first killing is almost completely devoid of any violence at all in the Italian cut.

      It's a mixed bag, but I'm happy with the disc. And having the Italian cut on the disc is a nice feature. Even if it's SD, this means it's still as good as the Italian DVD. And it's got English subtitles, which the Italian DVD lacks.

      Now I want to compare all of this to the pulled-before-release four-pack DVD that was released here in the States and that I can't remember the title of. I believe it has the English track, but I'm curious as to what cut of the film was used.


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        Cult Epics has announced this for a 2017 Blu-ray release.

        "SUBSCRIBE! We have a 6th movie title to announce for 2017 on Blu-ray & DVD: DEATH LAID AN EGG The most interesting giallo film ever made! With an all star cast of Cult Epics release Deadly Sweet's Ewa Aulin & Jean Louis Trintignant and Gina Lollobrigida… Get your subscription, you get 6 movies and a book already for 2017 and get excited and be surprised receiving our new releases in your mailbox before anyone else gets them! Your copies will be send to you the month before release date. SUPPORT US NOW at Cult Epics Indiegogo Campaign, 2 days left!:"
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          This should be the same version as the UK one, I would assume. Strange they don't mention it being a longer cut.


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            Originally posted by enandalusiskhund View Post
            This should be the same version as the UK one, I would assume. Strange they don't mention it being a longer cut.
            I don't think so unless a deal has been done with Nucleus Films, according to their Facebook page they are considering including both cuts, the one from the negative and a composite with the extra 15 mins added.


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              I love this. Giallo meets Godard.


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                Originally posted by Paul L View Post
                It's way weirder than my balls...
                The real question is whether or not it is weirder than Mark Shannon's balls.


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                  Originally posted by enandalusiskhund View Post
                  This should be the same version as the UK one, I would assume. Strange they don't mention it being a longer cut.
                  Nope, they will not have our restored version.


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                    Then I can't really see this doing well for Cult Epics, competing with the superior UK release.


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                      Thanks for the confirmation, Marc. That helps me place my pennies.


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                        We're sorry about the delay, but we only just received the new master materials. As promised, here are a few screen shots from our brand new, fully restored version of Death Laid an Egg!
                        We are pleased to announce we that our new, restored master now includes an additional thirteen scenes totalling around thirteen minutes of previously unseen footage.
                        To view full size uncompressed screen caps, download a zip file here:
                        Lady Frankenstein is still being restored. More news as soon as we receive it.
                        To all latecomers: you can still order these amazing Blu-ray releases at:
                        Over and out,
                        Marc & Jake
                        Nucleus Films


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                          Excellent! The ANICA database suggested the Italian domestic version was substantially longer than any version that's been previously released on home video formats, with a running time of about 108 minutes (as I recall).

                          The Nucleus release should therefore be exciting to see.
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                            Some info on the Cult Epics release, Death Laid an Egg Gets 3-Disc Collector's Set Treatment

                            Now, oddball genre heroes Cult Epics have announced their plans to release the demented and stylish Death Laid an Egg — the director's cut, no less — in a super limited edition 3-disc Combo pack containing a Blu-ray, DVD and CD soundtrack available ONLY until April 27 as part of the imprint's Cult Epics massive 25th anniversary book Indiegogo campaign. Only 300 numbered copies will be available and by the time you finish reading this there will be even less of them around.
                            LA PASIÓN ESPAÑOL: THE EROTIC MELODRAMAS OF VICENTE ARANDA (1991-1999)


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                              Sell sheet for the Cult Epics release.

                              Cult Epics - November 2017 New Release

                              Death Laid An Egg
                              Blu-ray DVD Combo - 2 Discs
                              Label: Cult Epics
                              Prebook: 10/31/2017 Street: 11/28/2017
                              SRP: $34.95 UPC:881190015490 Cat: CE153
                              Full Screen 1.33:1 DTS-HD MA 5.1 Surround In Italian with optional English subtitles including English SDH
                              Color Production year: 1968 Thriller, Horror, Foreign Film Not Rated 86 Minutes All Regions
                              Director: Giulio Questi
                              Cast: Jean-Louis Trintignant, Ewa Aulin, Gina Lollobrigida, Jean Sobieski

                              Arguably the most insanely idiosyncratic giallo ever directed, DEATH LAID AN EGG (1968) is a true wayward masterpiece of kaleidoscopic Italian counterculture cinema. Directed by largely unsung iconoclastic auteur Giulio Questi (DJANGO KILL!, ARCANA) and starring legendary leading man Jean-Louis Trintignant (THE CONFORMIST) as a married man that may or may not be a serial killer, Gina Lollobrigida (John Huston's BEAT THE DEVIL) as his delectable yet overly domineering careerist wife, and Swedish blonde bombshell Ewa Aulin (CANDY) as his murderous double-crossing mistress, the film is the virtual giallo equivalent to Godard's WEEKEND in terms of its crass car crash fetishism, savage anti-bourgeois sentiments, and overall anarchic spirit. Set largely in a hi-tech automated poultry factory that breeds mutant boneless chickens.

                              DEATH LAID AN EGG is a socio-politically sophisticated avant-garde giallo that is more pertinent today than when it was first released in terms of its quite modern depiction of the battle of the sexes and the perils of technology. The original Italian superbly edited giallo version is presented by Cult Epics in High-definition and with new bonus features.

                              Special Features:

                              HD presentation
                              Original Theatrical Trailer
                              Lobby Cards photo gallery
                              Isolated Score by Bruna Maderna
                              Review Quote:

                              One of the craziest films ever made in any genre.
                              -David Cairns, MUBI

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                                Bring on the Nucleus, this looks rather weak.
                                Short version, no English track, HD presentation instead of sourced from the OCN ala the Nucleus release.

                                I see Cult Epics is A B & C? How does that work when Nucleus has their B locked release?