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    Anyone else pick up the new Criterion disc?

    I never did get around to snagging the BFI release when it was recommended here a few months ago (I think when we were discussing The Uninvited). At any rate, it's a fantastic presentation and the movie is great. I don't think I had seen it before, it's just really well done. AMAZING camerawork with Freddie Francis doing a fantastic job on the cinematography and the use of sound is very impressive too, especially for an older single channel mix. Strong performances across the board and what a perfect location for a ghost story the old estate turns out to be.

    Creepy, sometimes even downright disturbing, this is definitely worth revisiting.

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    One of my favorite films.
    Francis Cinematography along with THE ELEPHANT MAN is gorgeous.

    I already have the UK Import but will get this one too as it looks better.


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      Ive got the BFI disc and its a good 'un. As to the film, what a very good adaptation it is. I was a big fan of the book, though James is a trial to read at times, and its great that they manged to transfer it to screen without simplifying it horribly.
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        Love this one. Thinking about it.


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          I picked it up this week, will probably try to save this for closer to Halloween though it'll be tempting to break down! Love this one, incredible performances from pretty much all the cast and that already mentioned photography. This one's that rare film that still manages to inspire icy chills in me, a couple of those quick glimpses of figures behind the window or across the pond....creepy stuff. Very disturbing in its possible implications of Kerr's inner self and deeds too.
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            There's one shot where Kerr's character walks past a window at night. There's a figure behind her and it spooked me. Rewatching it, I noticed it wasn't a ghost but just a statue placed outside and in the daylight scenes where you see it, it's not that scary. But when she walks by in the dark and it's there.... SPOOKY!
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